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Allianz Social Responsibility

Doing business responsibly has always been central to our operations and like all progressive organisations; we do so through an active programme of corporate citizenship.

Social Responsibility

Doing business responsibly has always been central to our operations and like all progressive organisations, we do so through an active corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

Our CSR programme centres around three themes; Work Well, Give Well, and Live Well. The aim of these three themes to help those around us while creating a happier healthier workforce. Balance between these themes ensures that our resources are used in the best interests of all our stakeholders and ultimately ourselves by helping to assure our sustainability.

At Allianz, we pride ourselves on our enthusiasm towards this programme. We are consistently inspired that so many of our colleagues give their time and energy to helping others and through our ongoing CSR initiatives, we will continue to support their efforts into the future.

We are currently working to update our CSR programme and charity partners to ensure we are having a real and positive impact on the areas of most importance to all of our stakeholders. 


As one of Ireland’s most recognisable insurance companies, Allianz plays an active role in communities across all 32 counties and has proudly done so since our foundation. Our approach is simple, contributing to the communities from which Allianz derives its business.

This makes business sense and doing so helps protect the fabric of communities in which we all live. Far beyond our obligations to our stakeholders we maintain a close relationship with local clubs, charities and cultural initiatives throughout Ireland and we take this role very seriously. Through relationships with a number of organisations along with sponsorship and support, Allianz has been serving communities since 1890.

Charity of Choice

To continue serving the communities where our customers live and work, each year we support a charity of choice in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. Our support of these charities is not only limited to financial contributions. We also aim to drive real engagement through a calendar of events designed specifically with the designated charity in mind to help build awareness of their cause in the community and to drive engagement with our employees.

We have worked closely with a number of extremely worthwhile charities in recent years including the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Autism NI.