Beyond The BBQ - Garden Party Ideas for Summer 2019

by Alix Carman | 3 min read    July 1st, 2019

Summer has finally arrived – who’s up for some alfresco fine dining? Outdoor eating is a great way to relax, unwind, and catch up with family and friends. Transform your outdoor area into an eatery for a “Pinterest-perfect” patio party!

So what are the latest tasty trends for outdoor eating this Summer? Big American style BBQs are out – make way for fancy fire pits, Korean style spreads and pretty pizza ovens. A lip smacking summer is on its way!

Fire Pits

Create a fabulous focal point for your garden with a fire pit. Gather your friends and family for a communal cookout. Choose from fire pits, fire bowls, and even fire tables to flame grill meats and vegetables – perfect for chic catch-ups and Summer soirees. A fire pit adds a lip smacking sprinkling to your food. They can also keep you snug as the sun sets. Add ambience with cosy blankets, outdoor candles and roasted marshmallows to keep the fun going.

Korean BBQ

Grill, wrap, repeat – kick-start your evening with a Korean cook off! “Korean style” means grilling thinly sliced meat and vegetables on a table top grill or hot plate – you can keep things chic AND casual. Add rice, vegetables, and savory sauces for a sizzling spread. For that authentic Korean kick, pick up some banchan (side dishes), like bean sprouts, radishes and kimchi. Wrap your grilled grub in lettuce for added oomph. Don’t worry about getting it just right...anything goes at this informal eat.

Pizza Ovens

Transform your garden into a pizza piazza! Pizza ovens are becoming a popular pick and there are lots of cost effective options to upgrade your outdoor area into an Italian eatery.

The kids will love these pizza parties and it’s the ideal ice breaker at your next gourmet gala. These ovens are not just for dough balls – pizza ovens can cook roast meats, breads, vegetable dishes and can sear meats and fish. Round up your family and friends for some mouthwatering Mediterranean magic!

Trendy Tech

Combine taste with tech. Take the confusion out of cooking with some genius gadgets for your grill. Rushed for a recipe? There are endless apps that can help you plan, prep and perfect your next back garden banquet.

A food app can give you access to temperatures and cooking times from your mobile device, so your next BBQ can run smoothly as well as being a savory success. A few of our favorites are Flame Boss, GrillTime and SteakMate. Download for a delicious dinner!

Expert Tips for Summer Cooking

Low and Slow

The secret to good al fresco flavour is time! Don’t rush the recipe, your taste buds will thank you. Forget towering temperatures and fast flames, there is a growing trend for slower, lower heat and cooking times – resulting in tender, tastier meat.

The secret to low and slow cooking is the sear Ideal for larger cuts of meat, searing will make your grill taste extra great. Searing caramelizes the meat surface, giving you a flavorful feed, Simply add meat to a hot grill and sear each side for 1 minute. Then reduce the heat and slowly cook. In a world of fast food and quick bites, it’s good to take your time!

Rub It In

Add magic to your meat: Rub recipes can take your supper from basic to brilliant in mere minutes. Your local supermarket should have great gourmet options, or if you are feeling fancy, why not make up your own? Rubs will intensify flavour and taste. Use any combination of spices, dried herbs, salts and sugars. Sugars will add a mouth watering caramelization; just make sure they don't burn.

Want to really blow minds at your BBQ? Add unsweetened cocoa powder or finely ground coffee beans to wow your crowd! Use this marvelous mixture on steak, large cuts of meat, ribs and chicken.

This guidance is for general information purposes only.


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