Summer Gardening Tips

by Alix Carman | 2 min read    June 26th, 2019

Think glorious gardens are for green gurus, genius growers and prized plant people? It’s actually easier than you think to give your ‘run of the mill’ green spaces a rethink with our summer gardening tips. Our downloadable ‘how to’ print out below is sure to get blooms blossoming and bees buzzing around your garden, a perfect summer project for you and your family!

Good ideas for a glorious garden, all summer long:

Drink Up

Worried about when to water your garden? A helpful hack is to water early in the morning when temperatures are cooler – less evaporation means the water can easily reach the roots. If you are not an early riser, late afternoon or early evening works well too!

Remember to water the plant's roots, not their leaves. It’s the roots that need to drink, and wetting the leaves might spread disease. Watch the weather – too much water is as damaging as too little. Check your soil before you spray – if it feels soggy hold off on that soak!

A watering-can can help to avoid water waste, and watch out for hosepipe bans. This summer garden tip will help keep our planet looking pretty.

Natural Pest Control

Your garden is a sensitive ecosystem, full of friends and potential foes. Maintaining this balance is beneficial - some of these animals will gobble up garden pests for you. Ants causing you angst? They have a natural aversion to cucumbers, so use peels to help keep pests at bay. Alternatively, a few mint tea bags will help repel these unwelcome callers.

Need a solution for slugs? Create a natural trap using empty grapefruit halves. Place upside down in your garden – they will gather in this dark, moist spot and you can ‘rehome’ them the next morning! Crushed eggshells will also help provide a natural aversion for these “backyard bandits”.

Your local garden centre will likely have an organic slug and snail repellent – which will help to keep our globe green.

The Science of Soil

Acid or alkaline - this is an important summer gardening tip! Different plants will thrive in different soils – most vegetables prefer slightly acidic soil, while Hydrangeas, Lavender and Geranium will thrive in alkaline soils. You can buy a soil PH tester online in your local garden centre, or else try this simple test using vinegar and baking soda: Using 2 containers filled with soil from your garden, add ½ cup of vinegar to one of the containers. If it fizzes you have alkaline soil. If it doesn't fizz, add a few spoons of distilled water and then add ½ cup of baking soda. If it fizzes – voilà! You have acidic soil.

Become a compost champ! Making your own compost is cost effective and can reduce your landfill waste. Add everyday food waste like fruits and vegetables, egg shells, cut flowers, coffee grounds (and paper filters), old newspapers, tea bags, grass and plant clippings for a nutrient-rich ‘black gold’. Just skip dairy, animal products, fats, and oils. Once it turns into compost add it to your garden beds!

Soothing for your senses and magic for your mind, gardening is a guaranteed mood lifter. We hope our summer gardening tips will turn your fingers green! Download your handy ‘Grow Your Own’ guide here.

This guidance is for general information purposes only.

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