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Allianz Inspiration: Domini Kemp

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June 8th, 2016

Here at Allianz, we regularly invite guest speakers to talk to staff about their experiences, to motivate and to inspire. As part of our Allianz Inspiration series of interviews, award winning chef and entrepreneur Domini Kemp answers a few questions below.

A little bit about Domini

Domini trained as a chef at Leith's in London in 1996, before co-writing New Irish Cooking and working in the Michelin-starred Peacock Alley, Dublin. In 1999, the award-winning Kemp sisters opened the first itsa on Abbey Street. The group is entirely Irish-owned and has developed and created 5 brands over 16 locations, including Feast Catering, Joe's Coffee, Alchemy Juice Co and Hatch & Sons. Domini was food-writer for The Irish Times Saturday Magazine from 2008-2016 and over the years, has contributed to many publications. She regularly appears on RTE's Today show and will be the Dublin mentor on this year's "The Taste of Success". Domini's fifth cook-book "The Ketogenic Kitchen" has just been published. It was co-written with Nutritional Therapist, Patricia Daly, and is due to be published in States this autumn. 

What’s your favourite meal?

Changes regularly!

Could be my sister's Caesar salad with a delicious steak and my roast, crushed potatoes with fennel and rosemary! Or grilled dover sole with lemon. I adore coffee ice cream. It's a real achilles heel. Cheese and good wine is also another achilles heel!

When you were a child what was your dream job?

To be a show-jumper!

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Breathe underwater

Best moment of your /Business/Professional life?

Launching my last book, The Ketogenic Kitchen in Alchemy. It was a proud day.

Who do you look up to most?

People who give back in the most incredible way: Medicins sans frontiers for example. Going to war-torn areas and really risking life and limb. So incredibly brave.

Advise to your younger self?

Have more confidence!

Tell us about a time you dared to?

Starting our company! It began with a trip to New York and banging on some doors. I kept thinking, "What's the worst they can say?" The answer is "no" and really, that's not so scary!

What would you like to dare to do in the future?

To help make more of a difference in people's lives whether it be through helping people get their own business started, starting our coffee roastery (and buying direct from coffee farmers to help improve their communities) or running a pilot project to improve hospital food using some of the learnings from our recent book, "The Ketogenic Kitchen". There are plenty of exciting challenges ahead!