Business to Arts 2016

Call for Nominations for Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2016

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March 30th, 2016

Irish businesses continue to see measureable return of investment from their investment in the arts, as latest data indicates that two million Irish adults engage with the arts.

At the launch of the Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2016 nomination period, both Allianz and Business to Arts are calling on the business community to consider making more of their engagements with the artistic community, as economic conditions show sustained recovery.

In its 25th year, the Allianz Business to Arts Awards recognise and celebrate businesses, artists and arts organisations that develop creative partnerships, working together on sponsorships, mentoring, training, staff development, commissioning and community-based cultural projects.

Both Allianz and Business to Arts believe that culture plays an important role in creating a healthy society and a strong community in which to do business. Over 28 years, the charitable organisation, Business to Arts, has championed the creation of structures to support the Irish arts sector, given its central role in the development of Ireland’s national character and its international profile. The 2015 Awards represented over a €10million investment in the cultural sector.

Artistic & Commercial Success of Business to Arts

In fact, in the past 18 months Business to Arts has

Supporting the Public Interest in the Arts

The Awards showcase the best examples of commercial and artistic collaboration, which stimulate communities culturally, economically and socially, recent research by Business to Arts highlighted:

This year will mark Allianz’s 16th anniversary of its involvement in the Business to Arts awards which has seen Allianz build on over two decades of support programmes for Irish arts and sports communities. As public funding faces continued pressure, Allianz is encouraging more leaders in the business community to look to the creative sector to gain business advantage, and to learn from the achievements of the Awards alumni who created mutually beneficial relationships with the arts community.

“Both the artistic and business landscape has changed beyond recognition in the last 25 years. And we have seen the evolution of the relationship between business and the arts evolve into a mutually beneficial dialogue where both sides collaborate to benefit the business and societal bottom line,” said Brendan Murphy, CEO of Allianz. “Did you know that €60.3 million that was used to fund arts organisations and individuals across Ireland in 2010, €41.1 million was returned directly to the Exchequer in the form of income, VAT and other taxes? That is before you factor in any consumer spending during the events or activities. Supporting the arts has and continues to deliver in terms of measurable return of investment for reaps dividends for our society as a whole.”

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive of Business to Arts said,

“In our 25th year celebrating creative partnerships, the Allianz Business to Arts Awards will honour some of the most outstanding examples of partnerships between business and arts. Each year we are amazed at the creativity, innovation and excellence demonstrated by the various nominations we receive from around the country. In this, our silver anniversary, we look forward to recognising and celebrating new award-wining projects with our own partner, Allianz. With an evolving funding paradigm in the cultural sector across earned income, public funding and private investment it makes the encouragement and celebration of world-class partnerships more important than ever”

Closing date for applications is Monday 9 May 2016 at 5pm. Go to for information on the application process and to complete the application form.