Miami Marathon

1min read   January 26th, 2017

Sinead Kane is an extraordinary young woman from Cork, who has just 5% vision and is currently taking on the World Marathon Challenge. 7 marathons, 7 continents, 7 days, Sinead has completed an incredible three marathons already, with number four taking place in Madrid today.

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy to let you know that I have successfully completed the Miami marathon. The count is now 3 marathons, on 3 continents, in 3 days.

I am really proud of what I have achieved so far. Yesterday’s race was plagued by delays, so it was an unbelievably anxious time as we waited to begin the race. John, my guide runner, and I crossed the finish line in 5 hours and 5 minutes.

Race number three of seven was very difficult as we unfortunately lost one of the competitors due to injury, and he had to pull out before the Miami race had even started. This dampened the mood in the group and the reality of how it can all come and an end very easily was at the forefront of our minds before we all even got to the start line. The weather conditions were also a factor for the group, as we had to adapt very rapidly to the wave of 30-degree heat and 70% humidity which hit us on our arrival, which was difficult after coming so quickly from sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic!

We also had to navigate a course around the public, which meant additional pressure and increased communication during every step of the race, and John had to guide me even more than usual due to the fact we were running on a public place surrounded by interested passers-by.

I am feeling in good condition physically and thankfully escaped severe dehydration. Some of the other competitors have already had medical intervention and needed IV fluids when they crossed the line yesterday.

We have four more marathons to complete before the 777 goal has been achieved. At the moment we are now back on our side of the Atlantic and landed in Lisbon at 9am today to refuel before we will take off for Madrid, where we will get off the plane and immediately head to the start line to tackle 4th marathon at lunchtime.

Hopefully, within the next few hours, my friends at Allianz will be bringing you the news that I have completed race number four.

Please keep your fingers crossed!