A Weekend Stay in the Yurts at Teapot Lane

by Andrew Kelliher | 1 min read   May 22nd, 2019

What is a Yurt?

It may sound like a strange name; what exactly is a yurt? Yurts originated from parts of Central Asia, and are the traditional dwellings used by nomads that have been used for at least 3,000 years. Unlike camping, Yurts are elevated from the ground with solid timber flooring. Made up of a wooden frame cover with felt or canvas, they are warm, cosy and sturdy, offering you a comfortable overnight stay in unique surroundings.

Things to know for your Stay

You may have to bend to get through the door, but once inside this unique dwelling you can stand up with ease, helping you to take in all that this glamping experience has to offer. All of the Yurts at Teapot Lane are fully insulated and have electricity, with an electric lamp at the bedsides. They also come equipped with a king sized double bed, as well as single beds and a day bed. There are communal toilet and showering facilities available, along with a communal kitchen and barbecue areas. As well as this, there is a large sheltered area with BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Bars, offering you a place to kickback and relax with family and friends, if you’re not out exploring the local attractions.

Adventures to Consider

With an idyllic location on the Sligo/Leitrim border, Teapot Lane is situated within a short distance of a host of attractions. Teapot Lane is a short drive from Mullaghmore Beach and its beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, along with the spectacular Benbulben Forest walk, Gleniff Horseshoe Drive and Barytes Mines, all offering the chance to take in some breath-taking scenery. It is easy to take in a lot of these attractions in one single day, however many people choose to stretch it out over two or three days. And if you do end up staying at Teapot Lane that little bit longer, why don’t you consider horse riding along a quiet beach to take in the scenery? Or how about surfing at one of the nearby beaches? You can also try out stand-up paddling, otherwise known as supping, which is a great way to take in that sea air without being in the water for too long. With all of this mind it is clear that Teapot Lane has an abundance of activity for people of all ages to enjoy.

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