How to Travel On a Budget

by Andrew Kelliher | 2 min read   May 13th, 2019

Being able to travel allows you to visit new places and experience different cultures. For many it’s a way to get out of their comfort zone, giving people the chance to destress and detach themselves from routine, or even meet new people. But it can also potentially come at a significant cost. Money can be a primary factor when it comes to whether or not someone can take that trip away, but we have come up a few ways to help get you to the places that you have always wanted to see, whilst remaining on a budget!

Research and Plan

Help keep costs lower when travelling by having a plan in place. Taking your time and reading up on your chosen travel destination can be helpful in forming your plan. Whether you’re travelling to Spain or to South East Asia – it can help to have a plan of your route or main sites you’d like to see. By knowing which places you will visit, the local transportation, and having an idea of what that area has to offer, you can help yourself avoid any unnecessary spending.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

By swapping expensive hotels and apartments for cheaper options such as hostels and AirBnB*, you can potentially avail of comfortable, yet affordable accommodation. Hostels are generally quite cheap, mainly due to the fact that you could end up sharing with other travellers – but this offers you the opportunity to meet new people. By booking an AirBnB*, you might find an option for a large group to stay in the same place with cooking and living facilities available to you. However, it is important to note that no matter which option you choose, it’s a good idea to book in advance to help avoid any unexpected last minute accommodation expenses.

*Allianz plc is in no way affiliated with AirBnb Inc.


Eating out in restaurants consistently whilst travelling can add up. Try some cheaper local options at the markets, or cook your own food where possible. By eating seasonal products and trying the local cuisines you have the opportunity to get much better value for money. However, if you do want to continue eating out in restaurants, why not pay a visit to areas outside of the tourist hot spots. These local eateries can be less expensive, and may offer great fresh local produce at a lower cost.

Travel Off-Season

Have you ever considered travelling outside of peak season? It can be a great way to help you take cost advantage of off-season flight and accommodation rates. What’s considered off-peak season in one country might not be in another? Incorporate this into your planning and research to find out when peak season is.

With some planning ahead, your trip has the potential to be cheaper than you anticipated.

This guidance is for general information purposes only.

Many choices we make in life can require a degree of courage, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s the moment you sit behind the wheel for the first time, decide to settle down, or bite the bullet and take that trip of your dreams. These are the things that enable progress and make great things happen, that is why at Allianz, through our range of products and services are proud to support people who have the courage to go forward in life.

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Andrew Kelliher
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