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William Hayden Visits Allianz

by Alix Carman | 2 min read      August 30th, 2019

An 11th time National title holder in boxing by the age of 17, boxer William Hayden’s is certainly a story of courage. He is currently one of Ireland’s brightest prospects at both a European and International level of boxing. However, the path to his success has not been easy.

A Difficult Start

Born to an underprivileged background in Tallaght, William has had to overcome a great deal of adversity in order to obtain his success. In school, William struggled with dyslexia. He was placed into a reading school for a projected period of 3 years. Driven by his competitive nature, William pushed himself to improve and was able to leave the reading school after only 1 year. Upon his return for 4th class, William was now performing at the top of his class. “I would’ve been looked down on for my struggles in school, but that really pushed me to improve and come back better”.

Finding Success

Through hard work and sheer determination, he overcame these challenges and is now thriving not only in sport but also in his education. William is currently unbeaten in Ireland, in 2016 he became the first boxer from Dublin to win a gold medal in the European Schoolboy Championships, and holds All Ireland, Under 18 National, and Dublin boxing medals. He currently has his sights set on obtaining enough points in his leaving certificate next year to continue on to third level education. It’s this exact goal that William’s mentor and Allianz employee, Damien Murphy, strives to promote in Crumlin Boxing Club.

Allianz CEO Sean McGrath views William Hayden's medals.

The club’s volunteer-led Youth Development Programme helps under-privileged teenagers learn not only boxing, but also critical personal development skills such as self-discipline, responsibility, and punctuality. With the help of mentors like Damien, the teens are encouraged to attend further education, explore opportunities, and ultimately work towards creating a strong foundation for finding success later in life.

A Future Career

Marketing is a subject that particularly interests William, who visited Allianz this August to learn a little more about which options he might explore as he finishes his secondary education. “I’m looking to understand what’s required from different departments in a large company. I’m interested in how people started in Allianz, and courses people would recommend for Marketing”. Following his visit, William said, “I’ve learned a lot. I feel like I have a better idea of the direction I want to go with my career”.

William Hayden with Allianz CEO Sean McGrath, August 2019

Participating in the Olympics is the ultimate goal. For now, William will continue to focus on his studies and preparing to represent Ireland in the European Championships on the 3rd of September, 2019 in Bulgaria. Everyone at Allianz wish him all the best in his career both in and out of the ring.

Alix Carman
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