Irish consumers are fearful about reporting insurance fraud

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November 17th, 2021

Over 72% of Irish consumers in 2021 do not know how to report a suspected case of insurance fraud. While over half of women surveyed are afraid of being identified if they did report suspected fraudulent insurance activity.  These are amongst the findings of new research conducted by Red C on behalf of Allianz Ireland into consumer’s awareness of and attitude towards insurance fraud. The survey of 1,007 consumers nationwide was undertaken in October 2021 and builds on research conducted by Allianz Ireland in 2019.


The research also revealed that both in 2019 and 2021, 40% of consumers had heard of someone who had made a fraudulent claim on a home or car insurance policy. But in 2021, 9% knew someone personally who had made a fraudulent claim, a 3% increase over 2019.

In fact, over 2 in 5 of those surveyed believed insurance fraud is built into the cost of insurance. When asked if they knew what the consequence of insurance fraud would be, 60% of those reported that they did.

Differing view of insurance fraud

When asked to rank which fraudulent insurance activities were the worst, 32% of respondents noted claiming for a fake injury as being the worst, which is a significant drop from 41% in 2019.

Of those surveyed 37% identified setting up a policy under another person’s name without their knowledge as being the most fraudulent, a drop of 5% from 2019. With only 11% of respondents noting exaggerating an injury claim as most fraudulent.

“The industry must redouble its efforts to educate, encourage and protect those courageous enough to report suspected insurance fraud,” said Sean McGrath, CEO of Allianz Ireland. “We need to help change the attitudes towards making any false insurance claim as being a victimless crime. Fraudulent activity costs everyone in the long run and we must continue to educate people as to the consequences of committing insurance fraud and the effects it is having on Irish businesses and consumers nationwide. Allianz will continue to proactively tackle insurance fraud, which is in our customers’ best interest.”

How to report insurance fraud

Insurance Confidential was established in 2003 by Insurance Ireland, the industry’s representative body, to help combat the rising levels of Insurance Fraud in Ireland. Through the Insurance Confidential website and their lo-call number, Insurance Ireland have received and investigated over 9,000 new cases of suspected fraud to date. Consumers can report suspected fraud online in full confidence by visiting .

 Research from Allianz conducted by RED C Research in October 2021 amongst 1,007 adults, compared to research conducted in February 2019.

Allianz p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.