Allianz Ireland Appoints Geoff Sparling as Chief Customer Officer

1 min read    October 5th, 2021

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A Fresh Look : Our website has gotten a makeover! Over the past few months we have been working hard on redesigning from the ground now!
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Ongoing Education A Key Element of Success in The Insurance Industry

The coming year will be one where we adapt to delivering industry education through new channels, writes Sean McGrath, CEO of Allianz Ireland and President of the Insurance Institute.
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COVID-19 Motor Insurance Customer Refund

At Allianz Ireland, we continue to recognise that our customers and Irish society is facing an uncertain period. We acknowledge the everyday courage it takes to persevere in the face of these unprecedented times.
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How We Are Helping Our Customers During COVID-19

At Allianz Ireland, we recognise that these are uncertain times for our customers. We want to reassure them that our Contact Centre, Claims Lines & 24/7 Emergency Assistance services continue to be maintained by our dedicated team of over 600 people here in Ireland.
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Making the Most of a Formal Mentorship

I have been lucky enough to have had both formal and informal mentors support me in my career development over the last ten years. Both forms of mentorship have challenged me to move outside my comfort zone and allowed me to stand out from my peers when career opportunities arose.
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The Value of Mentorship

The first event entitled “The Importance of Mentors and Sponsors” in the Executive Institute’s Women in Leadership series looks at how mentorship or sponsorship can help overcome barriers in the workplace.
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The Value of a Gender-Balanced Leadership Team

With many companies striving towards diversity and the concept of “gender balance”, we sat down with our Head of Compliance, Rachael O’Halloran, to discuss her experience with gender balance or imbalance in leadership teams, and the benefits of finding balance.
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How Do New Renewal Regulations Affect the Customer?

New regulations concerning the provision of information for insurance policies, called Non-Life Insurance (Provision of Information) (Renewal of Policy of Insurance) (Amendment) Regulations 2018, will come into effect on 1 November, 2019
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91% of Irish Renters Do Not Have Home Insurance

65% of Irish renters do not fully understand this type of insurance, exposing them to potentially serious loss in the event of theft, fire, flooding, or a visitor’s injury
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