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January 19th, 2016

Allianz Active & Aware is a comprehensive suite of programmes and events aimed at building a 'Healthy Organisation'. Aoife Lawlor of Allianz Ireland explains the development of the inititiave and outlines what we hope to achieve.

After completing our Annual Health Checks for employees in October 2015, and having listened to the feedback from our Pulse Survey which we carried out in the immediate aftermath of our Health and Wellbeing month. We took immediate action and implemented our employee’s suggestions, one of which was to extend the reach of our employee wellbeing programme. Allianz are now centralising our efforts on developing a more holistic approach to our employee’s wellbeing. Our ambition is to create a comprehensive suite of programmes and events which are meaningful, relevant and exciting for our employees. In a concerted effort to encourage participation we have named our programme, Allianz Active & Aware, which we feel encapsulates the essence of what we are now trying to achieve in Allianz.

Embarking on this new journey we felt it important to create a brand around the programme which could positively penetrate our organisation. To build a ‘Healthy Organisation’ takes time and commitment. Allianz Active & Aware recognises the importance of introducing programmes which are designed to cultivate progressive and encouraging attitudes amongst our employees.

Typically ‘Healthy Cultures’ have an intrinsic understanding of the importance of teamwork, they are instinctively attuned to the heartbeat of their organisation, that being their people. Each company irrespective of size is solely reliant on their people and collectively employees bring an organisation to life. Team Allianz mission is to continue to build strong teams whose motivation is collaboration and their desires are geared towards working cohesively as a team to achieve common goals.

Allianz values the contribution of each and every member of the team. Our organisation believes that employees who feel valued are in turn loyal to their Company.  The launch of Allianz Active and Aware has been a perfect illustration of this fact and has been embraced enthusiastically by our employees. Its something which they asked us to provide and we delivered. We have established Running, Walking, Cycling clubs and Bootcamp, all of which are being run by our own internal Fitness Champions. Our hope is that Allianz Active and Aware succeeds in delivering the message, that Active and Aware employees are healthier and happier which establishes the foundations for a resilient and successful organisation. One can’t exist in isolation without the other.