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Come Dine With Me Evening

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August 3rd, 2017

Allianz hosted our first ever Come Dine With Us evening on the 30th of June to help raise some much needed funding for our Corporate Charity ‘The Alzheimer Society of Ireland’.  And we are delighted to announce that our evening raised an incredible €2146.32.

Active and Aware

We were literally bowled over by the professionalism of each of our Teams. On the night we had 4 Allianz teams; On Canapés we had The Cereal Killers, Starters were our Soup-a-Starters Team, our Main Course was the Natural Born Grillers and last but by no means least we had The incrEDIBLES. They designed, prepared and served the 100 guests on the evening and the guest in return selected the winners. Of course our wonderful kitchen team were on hand to support our teams in producing 4 course of delicious  food. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the local companies who helped to make the evening a success, thanks you to: The Jar, Farmer Browns Bath Avenue, Dublin Cookery School, OPW, Butler’s Pantry and Cinnamon Restaurants.

Congratulations to The Cereal Killers who created a wonderful Canapés course and were selected as the evenings overall winners.

Identical twins David and Stephen Flynn are the happy pair behind the Happy Pear joined us on the evening to co- host and judge the dishes and they brought with them their effervescent exuberant enthusiasm and passion for Healthy eating. Their buoyant personalities ensured we were entertained throughout each course and they were instrumental in deciding on the culinary expertise of our colleagues by helping to pick the winning teams on the evening.  David and Stephen are passionate about choosing healthy options and the importance of introducing more veg into our diets. Their approach fits nicely with our Active&Aware programme, to make healthy eating more attractive in a fun and relatable way and to inspire a healthier, happier world. 

Happy Pear Brothers

Questions for Celebrity Guests - Dave & Steve from The Happy Pear


What’s your favourite meal?

Dave - We love simple food, done really well. For me, I love Dahl with some avocado and brown rice. I find it very wholesome and nourishing, like a warm hug​.

Steve - For me, I’d have to say simple things like porridge. It’s definitely one of my favourite meals - every good stallion needs their oats!

When you were a child what was your dream job?

We played lots of sport growing up. When we were mad into tennis we both wanted to be tennis pros and win Wimbledon. Then during rugby season we wanted to be rugby pros, and then we got mad into golf and wanted to be golf pros. It was always something around sport and being really great at it. Today we’re still as competitive!

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Dave - I’d love to read minds because it would be fascinating and Steve would love to be able to fly!

Best moment of your sporting life/Business/Professional life?

It’s really hard to pick just one. We’re loving it all and we try to have a hoot everyday. For example, today we’re swimming at 5am at sunrise and yesterday we ran up the sugarloaf at sunrise. We make a special effort to enjoy every day and not to focus on the big highs.​

Who do you look up to most?

Our parents - they both inspire us hugely and support us in all that we do (huge thanks Mom and Dad​ - you’re great examples in life!).

Advise to your younger self?

Take it easy - there’s no rush. Don’t be afraid of anything. Be brave and trust in yourself, and most importantly have a laugh and don’t take any of it too seriously!

Tell us about a time you dared to?

Follow our hearts and give our dream of starting a healthy food movement a go by taking over a green grocer in our home town of Greystones age 24!

What would you like to dare to do in the future?

To evolve and be less afraid and more self confident everyday. To continue to dare to follow our own hearts, dreams and instincts and spend our energy bringing them into reality even when they go against the tide.  To put our energy into making the world a better place that’s more loving, inclusive and nurturing, starting with ourselves and our own communities! Wahoo!