COVID-19 Motor Insurance Customer Refund

1 min read    April 23rd, 2020

At Allianz Ireland, we continue to recognise that our customers and Irish society is facing an uncertain period. We acknowledge the everyday courage it takes to persevere in the face of these unprecedented times.

During this national emergency we have sought to help our customers where we are able and have led the market in implementing twenty-two different measures to help our customers and our broker partners.

Insurance Ireland has announced that the industry will collectively return Irish car insurance customers a value of their policy.

Allianz Ireland will play its part in this. Today, we announce that we will offer a refund to our car, van and taxi insurance customers. Allianz Ireland will offer a €30 refund on motor insurance policies. Overall, this refund will see us return approximately €9 million to our customers.

This is in recognition of falling traffic levels due to restrictions put into place by the Government to mitigate the potential impact of COVID-19, which has impacted motorists, restricted travel, and reduced the level of claims.

The refund period is from mid-March and to the end of May. Customers do not need to do anything to receive the refund but we do ask for patience as we roll this out over the coming months

We want this measure to help customers who are facing very challenging times and hope this refund will help as we pass on this saving to them as a result of the reduction in claims we are receiving.

We want to show the courage of our convictions to customers so they know they are not alone and that Allianz Ireland will continue to help support them in any way we can, as we have for over 100 years.

We believe this is the right thing that any benefit from the reduction in claims as a result of this national crisis should be passed on to our customers.

To find out more about this and the other measures Allianz has put into place for its customers, visit our COVID-19 sections on