Getting to Grips with an Allianz Internship: Conor Malone

by Andrew Kelliher | 1 min read   April 24th, 2019

It’s never easy starting a job in a new company, not to mention as a student getting to grips with the business world. But Conor Malone, a 3rd Year Maynooth University Accounting and Finance student from Offaly, has found that “the buzz and atmosphere” at Allianz Dublin headquarters has helped him make the transition with ease.

Time to Adjust

Working on Pet Claims, Conor is kept busy throughout the week. “I register claims, assess the claim forms for all relevant information, discuss claims with customers/brokers, and process payment of claims.” The workload, he says, is something that he struggled with in the beginning, with one job leading into the next and the need to prioritise his work. Answering phone calls from customers, something, which he said was “a little bit nervous about to start,” also took some getting used to.

Growing into the Role

The year long internship at Allianz has provided a lot of growth and opportunities. At the age of 20, Conor felt that extending his time in college was necessary. He felt he “would not be ready or have the workplace experience required to enter the world after.” His work at Allianz has given him the chance to develop as a more well-rounded person with perspective and new skills. “I find I am now much more competent on a professional level and can conduct myself in a professional manner in the workplace.”

Developing a Career Path

Before starting work at Allianz, he was unsure of which direction he wanted to take his career. However, the experience has sparked his interest in the underwriting side of the insurance industry. Conor believes that the technological and communication skills he has learned since he arrived will certainly transfer over to future jobs. “The benefits of doing [an internship] are endless, from high pressure scenarios down to just the daily routine of 9-5. The skills I’ve gained doing an internship are those that I could never have gained from college.” He also now has an understanding of how to work as part of a team and seeing how each person’s role fits into a team to achieve overall objectives.

And as for the future, Conor might not be done with Allianz just yet. “I would consider Allianz as an option after my degree.My favourite thing about Allianz is the people who work here. Every day people are chatty and friendly. There is always a smile on people’s faces when in work and that makes a big difference.”

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