Security Risks Surge As A Result Of Remote Working

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July 15th, 2021

Two-fifths (38%) of all Irish adults admit that they do not currently have any home security despite 1 in 3 working from home, according to new research by Allianz Insurance.

The national survey of 1,000 people, conducted by Coyne Research, found that 13% of those working from home have not taken any steps to protect their work devices when not in use, leaving them open to major risk. The new research comes as Allianz hopes to shed light on confusion for renters and homeowners.

Remote Confusion

According to Allianz’s research, 14% of all respondents admit that they do not have home or renter’s insurance and of those who do have insurance, there is uncertainty if their insurance covers their home working equipment. There is clear confusion when it comes to insuring remote working devices, as over a quarter of those polled believe it’s their employer’s responsibility to insure devices, while nearly one-fifth believe it’s a shared responsibility between themselves and their employer.


Simply Secure

With a fifth of all remote workers having no dedicated workspace in the home, security at home appears to have fallen flat as a result of the pandemic. While nearly half of all remote workers (47%) lock their devices with a password before clocking off, younger generations are less inclined to be security conscious with just 36% of Gen Z’s admitting to doing this every day.

When it comes to their home security, over half of all Irish adults claim that they have a standard alarm or home monitored alarm system in their households. Millennials (40%) and Gen X’s (44%) are the least vigilant generations as they admit they have no form of home security.

While the majority (59%) of all adults working from home have not taken any additional steps to increase home protection since the lockdown, two-fifths of the group have looked into new measures to keep their homes safe and secure. Security cameras (52%), keeping valuables out of sight (44%) and new home alarm systems (34%) were polled as the leading additional protection measures, with just 2% of the remote workers looking to new locks for extra security.

Ensure You're Insured

As just over a quarter (29%) of all adults admitted that they added their equipment and additional belongings on their home insurance policy.

Allianz offers a range of flexible home insurance and renter’s insurance products which allows customers to combine different covers and select from a range of optional extras, to suit bespoke and specific needs. Within both products when contents cover is selected, Allianz offers customers cover of up to €4,000 for home office equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, and monitors, to ensure remote workers always have peace of mind. 

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*Coyne Research conducted the research from 20th May to 2nd June 2021 across a nationally representative base of 1,000 respondents.