Tips to try keep costs down this Christmas

December 2022


The increase in the cost of living, will have an effect on 85% of Irish peoples Christmas plans this year, according to a survey conducted for Allianz Ireland. With 18% saying it would have an enormous impact, 25%  a substantial impact and 42% some impact. Only 13% advised it would have no impact at all. 

We also asked those surveyed how much they intended spending on Christmas gifts for family and friends, with 35% advising they would spend over €500 in total this year on loved ones. With finances being tight for many, we put together a few simple tips to try and help keep costs down this Christmas.


  • Make a plan –It’s never too early to get started on your Christmas food shop. Do your research and plan what exactly you need for over the Christmas period, if you can purchase non-perishable food in advance to divide up the cost of your large Christmas shop.
  • Buy fewer gifts –Have open and honest conversations with the ones you love about trying to save money and maybe even suggest a Kris kindle option for family or friends. 
  • Seek out the Christmas deals – Shop around for the best deals. With consumers spending large amounts on Christmas gifts it can make all the difference to shop around and suss out where is best to buy from. 
  • Combine your online spending – If you’re choosing to do a lot of your shopping online, the costs of shipping can add up too. But some retailers offer delivery for free if you spend a minimum amount, so plan ahead and buy what you need at once! Check if you can buy multiple gifts from one online department store to save in the long run, another good tip is to check out the ship-to-store option, this is usually free
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The Securing Your Future survey is a three-question poll consulted for Allianz Ireland by Ireland Thinks. This survey was carried out by Ireland Thinks between the 4th-6th November 2022.