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How to Decide What Car is Right for You

  • Consider where and how often you will be driving
  • Newer petrol engines have more power
  • Hybrid vehicles come in various combinations of electric and traditional
  • Technology add-ons are becoming more relevant
  • Front wheel drive and winter tyres can be just as practical as all wheel drive depending on the driving conditions you expect to face
  • Test drive on a familiar route for the best idea of compatibility

On the one hand, car buyers today have never had it so easy, thanks to a variety of ways in which to purchase both new and used vehicles. But on the other hand, these choices can make it more confusing. Then there’s the consid...

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Recognising and Preventing Stress in Your Cat

Stress related illnesses occur quite often in cats, so it’s important to be aware of their basic needs to make sure they are being met. It's also useful to be able to recognise behavioural changes in your cat that indicate that they are stressed.

Your Cat’s Basic Needs

  1. Space – Cats feel safer if they can climb to a high vantage point to survey the scene below! Provide shelves at different heights and clear the tops of cupboards so your cat can gain access.

Sufficient Resources – Cats need separate places in the home for food, water, toileting, and rest, especially if there is more than one cat sharing these resources. A ...

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How Insurers Assess Risk

When we request an insurance quote we are asked a lot of questions. For a car insurance quote we are asked for information about:

  • ourselves – for example, our age, where we live, details of any medical conditions

  • our driving experience - driving licence type, details of any driving convictions and claims

  • our motor insurance history – no claim discount entitlement

  • the car we want to insure – its’ make and model, age and value, details of any modifications to the car

  • any other drivers we want covered

  • what cover we require – Comprehensive cover? For what purposes the car will be used

The information we provide to the insurer in...

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Preparing Your Car Windscreen For Winter

Fill Up on Screen Wash

Aside from the likelihood of more rain, driving in winter months can result in more dirt, salt and other road grime being thrown up on your car. That means you’ll be using your windscreen washers more frequently and in colder temperatures. To make sure that it keeps working optimally, keep the washer fluid bottle topped up with the right mixture of screen wash.

This fluid is designed to have a lower freezing point than just water, so it should also prevent the washer jets from freezing up. However, if these do freeze over, don’t keep the washer lever pulled in as this can burn out the pump. Just p...

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Ireland's Most Insured Dogs and Cats

At Allianz we insure thousands of cats and dogs and hundreds of different breeds. We are often asked what are the most common breeds insured in Ireland. There are so many types, shapes, colours and breeds, so to help break it down we have researched our database and pulled out the five most popular Dog and Cat breeds in Ireland. 

Most popular Dogs & Cats Insured:

  1. Crossbreeds (Dogs)

  2. Golden Retrievers

  3. Crossbreed (Cats)

  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  5. Bichon Frise


Crossbred dogs are the most commonly insured pet here at Allianz and we think that’s great. Crossbred dogs are often more robust and not as susceptible to inherited...

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Insurance - Handle With Care! (Disclosing Information)

Most of us give little thought to our insurance from week to week. We hope that we never need to use our insurance. If the day comes where we do then we expect our insurer to treat us fairly and to provide a good claims service.

For our insurance to work as we wish when we need it, it’s crucial that we arrange it on the correct basis. We’re going to look briefly at the policyholder’s duty to accurately disclose all relevant information – both from the start and ongoing.

Receiving a Quote

When we request a quote for our car or home insurance the insurer asks a lot of questions – about us and about the property (the car or...

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