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Preparing Your Car Battery For Winter

Your car might not have any issue starting its engine now, but as the temperature drops, so too can the performance of your car’s battery. In colder weather, the standard 12-volt battery in your car may struggle to turn over the engine.

Battery Tester

One quick and easy way to check is to get a battery tester (or bring it into a garage for a free test). A battery tester can indicate whether your car’s battery is working at its optimum level. Over time, car batteries can lose their effectiveness, and cold weather can advance this. If you notice that it is becoming more difficult to start your car, especially from cold fi...

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Majority of Irish Dog and Cat Owners Do Not Have Pet Insurance

Allianz Nationwide Research Reveals:

  • 70% of dog owners and nearly 90% of cat owners are without pet health cover
  • Younger people are the most responsible pet owners, with nearly half (46%) of 18-24 year old dog owners having pet insurance
  • 24% of older pet owners insure their animals
  • 34% of pet owners feel pet insurance is too expensive
  • Most expensive vet bills, on average, cost €2,600

New research from Allianz Ireland, who have been insuring pets across Ireland for more than 17 years, reveals that 70% of dog owners and nearly 90% of cat owners do not have pet insurance. Irish pet owners have cited cost, lack of information, ...

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Allianz to Support Hurling Overseas Through 'Wild Geese' Partnership

Ahead of its 27th year in partnership with the GAA, Allianz is extending its support of Gaelic Games to the international stage, by sponsoring the inaugural ‘Wild Geese Trophy’ which takes place this coming weekend in Sydney, Australia.

The historic event will see 2018 Allianz Hurling League Division 1 Champions Kilkenny face 2017 All-Ireland Hurling Championship winners Galway in the first ever full format game of Hurling to take place outside of Ireland, at Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday, November 11.

Allianz is a proud supporter of people across Ireland through its sponsorships of the arts, sport and communities. Alli...

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Eircode: The Benefits to the Irish Consumer

Eircode 2

It’s estimated that more than 35% of Irish properties share their address with at least one other property, primarily in rural areas. Eircode was specifically designed to overcome the problem of non-unique addresses. In a nutshell, we now know where our customers are located and as you can imagine, for a business like ours, that helps make a difference. Eircode will deliver benefits such as:

Streamlined Customer Experience

At Allianz we have changed our systems to record Eircode information. Instead of having to enter your full address details, you are now able to enter your Eircode and validate your location. It’s as s...

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Your Right to Appoint a Public Loss Assessor

If you don’t know what a loss adjuster is then count yourself fortunate. Loss adjusters are insurance professionals who, in the event of an insurance claim, assess the loss and the amount of compensation that should be paid.

Let’s look at home insurance. It is common for insurers to appoint loss adjusters to assess claims for loss or damage resulting from (for example) fire, storm, water damage, theft. Although the loss adjuster is appointed by the insurer and has his/her fee paid for by the insurer, it is their duty to assess the loss and advise on claim settlement in an even handed manner, i.e. claim settlement shoul...

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Protecting the ‘Pool’

You may have seen reported in the press over the summer that insurers are funding a new Garda unit set up to tackle bogus insurance claims.

Why do insurers put effort and expense into claim investigations and projects such as this?

To find the answer I think we need to ask a simple question.

How Does Insurance Work?

In answering this let me take you back in time. London in the seventeenth century, around the time of the Great Fire. Merchants and shipbuilders would meet in coffee shops to discuss trade and their problems and concerns in relation to it.

In effect they had the same risks associated with their businesses as ...

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