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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

With Earth Day upon us, it’s a great time to remember the importance of environmental awareness. To do this, individual action is encouraged to help make a contribution. This can be done in the form of saving energy in your home. Small changes can make a huge difference, and can sometimes even save you money. Take a look at some of our tips to help you save energy in your home.

Insulate Your Home

It may seem like a simple step, but your home may not be as well insulated as you think. By sealing any air leaks at windows and doors, and properly insulating, you have the potential to save on heating bills. Any gaps in the f...

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Keeping Your Pet Healthy: Neutering

One of the most important acts of responsible pet care is to avoid unwanted litters of puppies and kittens by neutering your pet.

Neutering Prevents Unwanted Puppies and Kittens

Over 3,000 dogs were given up by their owners to dog pounds in 2018, and nearly 400 puppies were handed in to the charity Dog’s Trust in the month after Christmas this year. Many more were euthanized by vets or handed in to other animal charities around the country, who struggle to pay for their care. Puppy and kitten vaccination time is the perfect opportunity to discuss neutering with your vet.

Neuter Early in Life

The recommended age for neuter...

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Weekend Getaways for the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Springtime can be a great time to travel around the island, and there is no better time to do this than the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. With Easter falling in late April this year, you may even get lucky with some warm weather! We’ve compiled locations across the country that you could explore over the Easter weekend with both family and friends:

Irelands Ancient East - Co. Kilkenny


At the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East, Kilkenny is certainly a place with plenty to offer for a weekend getaway. Originally a medieval town, it’s rich with heritage and an abundance of historical features. Medieval cathedrals and stone bui...

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Insurance as an Enabler of Everyday Life

It’s easy to go about our day to day lives without thinking much about how insurance makes the mundane possible. But what if insurance didn’t exist?

Getting to Work - Risk vs Liability


We get up on a Monday morning, drag the kids out of bed, and get organised for the day ahead. In the short time it takes to drive them to the school, there is potential for a collision, which could cause damage to the car or injury to the people involved. Without insurance, the responsibility for repairing damage or replacing your car is solely yours. Even if someone else was at fault, they could potentially deny this. Insurance enables y...

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How to Identify a Ghost Broker

What Is A Ghost Broker?

’Ghost broking’ is form of insurance fraud which involves an illegal insurance intermediary. The ghost broker purchases a policy on behalf of others but purposefully misrepresents important information in order to reduce the price of the policy.

How Do Ghost Brokers Operate?

Ghost brokers operate in the following ways:

Policies are bought from insurance companies using false information and may be changed before being sold on to customers. Fake policy documentation may be created to look like they have been issued by legitimate insurance companies and sold on to customers.Ghost Brokers often produc...

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Paralympian Ellen Keane Talks Challenge, Commitment, and the Courage Behind It All

Blue chlorinated water gently lapped the pool edge, its surface cut by reams of bobbing lane dividers. Born the youngest of four, Ellen Keane had been brought along to local swim classes with her older brothers and sister. Lingering in the side-lines with her dad, she was nervous.

Intermittently, lines of children placed one arm ahead of the other as they learned the forward crawl motion. The other kids, including her siblings, thrashed in the water, their limbs beginning to adapt to the repetitive motion. Unlike the others, Ellen was born missing the lower half of her left arm. It was something that caused insecuritie...

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