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Diesel, Petrol, Electric - Which One is Right for Me?

These days there is no shortage of choice in the car market, but choosing the right car isn’t just about the one you like, or how many seats it has. Buyers now face more significant decisions as to what will power their car, and each of these variants offer different pros and cons depending on your driving habits. So how do you best decide which type of engine and fuel type is right for you? We’re going to run through the various choices to help you decide which might be the most suitable based on typical experiences and traits of each type of power source.


There is an ongoing debate as to the future of diesel en...

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Looking After Your Pet in the Summer Sun

7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

Finally the summer sun has arrived! Luckily we have been enjoying some lovely sunshine across Ireland over the last few weeks and its set to continue. So while we are out enjoying the sun spare a thought for our 4 legged friends. Here are our top 7 tips to keep your pet cool and some advice should they overheat.

Cool & Breezy: Make sure your pet has access to a shaded, breezy place if outdoors.Hydrate: Ensure your pet has access to plenty of cold, fresh, drinking water at all times. If travelling bring collapsible drinking bowls and offer cold water regularly.Siesta: Walk your dog in the mor...

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Indemnity – a simple concept?

Let’s start with a simple statement:

In accepting and dealing with your claim, your insurance company aims to restore you to the same financial position as you were in beforehand. This is known as the principle of Indemnity.

Let’s look at 2 simple examples of Indemnity in Motor and Home Insurance:


Where your motor insurance company accepts a claim for damage to your car they will either arrange for it to be repaired or, if it is deemed uneconomical to repair, they will make you a cash offer based on the cars’ current market value. Market value is the amount that you would reasonably pay for the car at the relevant t...

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Allianz Announce Sponsorship of Leona and Lisa Maguire

Allianz has announced its sponsorship of Irish golfers, and recent Duke University graduates, Leona and Lisa Maguire as they begin their professional golfing careers as they go on to represent Ireland on the world stage for the first time at the ShopRite LGPA Classic.

The Maguire sisters join a stellar line up of Allianz brand ambassadors including; former Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley, Paralympic athletes Jason Smyth, Ellen Keane and Michael McKillop and world record runner Sinead Kane.

Allianz’ support of sport in Ireland also includes Allianz Football & Hurling Leagues, Allianz Cumann na mBunscol and the Allianz Wo...

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Acting in Good Faith Is of Utmost Importance

An insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurer. The policyholder pays a premium. In return the insurer provides the agreed insurance cover.

The parties to an insurance contract must be honest with each other and must not hide any information relevant to the contract from each other. This is known as the principle of Utmost Good Faith.

It is important to the insurer that they have a full and accurate picture of the risk that is proposed to them. Most of us will have bought car and/or home insurance and will be familiar with the type of questions asked by insurers, relating to the person making...

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Top Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Car

Have you found your dream car but need to sell your old one first? Perhaps you are trading up, downsizing or just need the cash. Well, there are plenty of things you can do to get the most money for your car.

We've put together a list of useful tips to help you get the most money when it comes to selling on your car. Following this advice will make your car look far more attractive to buyers making sure they close the deal with you and not someone else.

Get Your Car Looking Its Best

If you have the money, getting your car professionally cleaned will go a long way towards adding to its value. A full valet can cost anywher...

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