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Para European Swimming Championship 2018

With just weeks to go, we look forward with excitement to the Allianz World Para European Swimming Championship, which takes place in Dublin’s National Aquatic Centre between August 13th and 19th. Following a successful Paralympic Ireland bid in 2015, this eagerly awaited event is literally 3 year’s in the making and will the first ever international Para Swimming event to be held in Ireland. Team Ireland will take on the very best that Europe has to offer in what will be many memorable encounters, as incredible athletes compete for merit over the 6 days of competition. There will be an endless supply of thrills and s...

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GDPR in Allianz

Here at Allianz Ireland we take data privacy very seriously. So we see the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an opportunity for us to continue our excellence with data privacy and have been preparing for its introduction over the past two years. We know a lot has been written about GDPR and we have prepared the following frequently asked questions to help You our customer to better understand what GDPR will mean for You, and to make You aware of our obligations to You when the new legislation comes into effect on May 25th, 2018.

What is GDPR?GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation ...

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Bank Holiday Driving Survival Guide

Bank holiday driving

Woohoo, it’s the June bank holiday weekend! Bank holidays are a great excuse to hit the road and take a break from the norm, and many of us in Ireland do just that. We pack the car with all our things and the people we love and head off looking for adventure. But as fun as a three-day-weekend is, the problem for most is that everybody seems to get in their vehicles and leave at the same time. That means, from early afternoon on the Friday before a bank holiday there is a mass exodus and the roads become congested very quickly.

But just because everybody has the same bank holiday plans as you, and seemingly the same rou...

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Electric Vehicles - What’s in It for You?

Are Electric Vehicles an Option for You?

You might think electric cars are a new innovation but they have been around in one form or another since 1828 when Ányos Jedlik installed his electric motor in a small model car. Since then, issues around range and battery power have hindered the development. In recent years with the environmental benefits driving innovation these issues have begun to be resolved. Yet, here in Ireland their popularity have not taken off just yet with just 3,751 electric vehicles (EV’s) currently registered on Irish roads. Therefore we have looked at the in’s and out’s of EV’s to see if they are...

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Allianz Garden Show Ireland 2018

The beautiful Antrim Castle Gardens will be abuzz from the 4th - 6th May as the Allianz Garden Show Ireland 2018 returns for its three day festival of flowers, food and family fun where local growers, food and beverage producers, artists and entertainers await you.  Allianz has supported people and communities since 1890 and has proudly supported this great community event for the last 8 years. 

What’s Happening?


As always, gardening experts will be on hand to advise the best way to develop and innovate your garden. This year’s feature garden, “Meditation Garden”, will demonstrate the positive effect gardening ha...

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What is Insurable Interest?

The purpose of insurance is to return you to the same financial position after a loss as you were in before the loss occurred.

Therefore if you will not suffer financially from the loss of or damage to property (a car or an item in your home) then you cannot insure that property. To put this another way, you must have an insurable interest in the property you propose to insure.

It is obvious that if you own something, having paid for it, then you have an insurable interest in it. If someone steals your bicycle you will suffer financially from that loss.

In a lot of cases ownership isn’t just as clear cut as this. What if...

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