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12 Great Irish Drives: Take the Vee Road Through Ireland’s Ancient East

For summer 2019, we are partnering with the to bring you the 12 Great Irish Drives: the most amazing road trips in the country. Whether it’s with friends, family or by yourself these trips should give you the courage to get in the car and go explore.

This week, Paul Wilson takes a stunning spin through the hills of West Waterford.

Vee Road - Sunrise from the VEE

In his book 'In Search of Ireland', HV Morton called the Vee Gap Road one of the grandest views in the (then) British Isles. West Waterford is sometimes considered an unsung and less-visited part of Ireland, apart from the popular resort of Tramore – but heading inland bears excepti...

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Introducing a New Dog Into Your Home

Introducing a new dog into your home is best when you are free to focus on your new companion and their needs. It’s a big change in their life and they may become easily stressed and overwhelmed. Create a quiet, relaxed mood and consistent routines for your new dog, and when possible get advice about the behaviour and temperament of an older dog from the previous owner or shelter.


Other Family Members


Your new dog will need some training to get used to its new family and learn basic obedience and acceptable behaviour. Get everyone on board, and remember being consistent is very important. Use reward-based training to re...

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How to Travel On a Budget

Being able to travel allows you to visit new places and experience different cultures. For many it’s a way to get out of their comfort zone, giving people the chance to destress and detach themselves from routine, or even meet new people. But it can also potentially come at a significant cost. Money can be a primary factor when it comes to whether or not someone can take that trip away, but we have come up a few ways to help get you to the places that you have always wanted to see, whilst remaining on a budget!

Research and Plan

Help keep costs lower when travelling by having a plan in place. Taking your time and readin...

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Emergency Home Assistance

Your insurance company might not be the first to come to mind when a pipe has burst or a window is broken. In fact, research from Allianz, conducted by Red C Research in October 2018, shows that 48% of those who experienced an emergency called a tradesperson first (for example a plumber or electrician), while only 14% called their home insurer first. The research, commissioned by Allianz and conducted by Red C Research amongst 1,043 adults nationwide, also found that only 2% of homeowners/renters were likely to call their home insurance provider when locked out of their home.

Allianz recently launched a new feature for...

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New Cars to Watch For in 2019

The variety of choice of new cars arriving onto the market in 2019 is expanding, with something to suit most tastes. There’s more choice than ever, with a growing number of car brands making a concerted effort to release new and more affordable electric vehicles. Increasingly efficient petrol engines, many of which now offer the same or similar fuel economy as diesel, are being joined in showrooms by hybrids and plug-in hybrids.


The Kia Niro first arrived as a hybrid crossover before being superseded by a plug-in hybrid version that offered more electric-only driving range. Now, Kia is adding to its range with the i...

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Are You Covered? Possessions in Your Custody or Control

When you purchase Home Contents insurance it covers the contents that you own whilst they are in your home. Cover provided by home insurance policies differs between insurance providers, so we will look specifically at the Allianz policy.

What Am I Covered For?

Contents in an Allianz policy are defined as household goods and items that you normally wear or carry (referred to as personal effects) owned by you. In addition it covers:

Items for which you are legally responsible (including items that you have leased or hired).Items owned by members of your household, e.g. owned by your spouse, son, or daughter (as long as th...

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