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Caring for Middle Aged and Elderly Pets

The average lifespan of our pets is unfortunately much shorter than our own. It is therefore important to look out for signs of ageing to provide the best care possible for our middle aged and elderly dogs and cats.


Large Breeds of Dogs Age Faster

Average lifespans for larger dog breeds tend to range from 6-10 years, while smaller breeds can often live to 16-17 years on average, with a higher likelihood of reaching even their 20s. Because of their shorter life span, larger dogs could be described as ‘middle aged’ at 3 to 5 years old! Crossbreed dogs  frequently live longer than purebred dogs because of less genetic illn...

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A Vermin’s Midnight Snack Spells the End of a Much Loved Family Car

Our claims team see lots of different claims and some as you would expect can be a little strange, just like this one!


Rats in the Car!

Rodents are always on the look out for a warm, dry place to rest their heads, particularly at this time of year when the weather is changing! Unfortunately for one customer, this particular rodent didn’t just grab 50 winks and leave.

One of our customers left home early one morning and jumped into her car to bring her kids to school, only to find her car wouldn’t start. Her local mechanic attended, and upon inspecting the engine, noticed signs of rodent droppings which suggested rats had...

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Holidays to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter months can be a long haul for many people. The short, dark days, coupled with a sharp change in temperatures can lead to some people feeling the winter blues. Experts say that one of the best ways to get out of your winter slump can be to book a trip away. Most people’s mood will be lifted if they have something to look forward to. Take a look at some ideas for trips to help lift your mood!

Holidays Winter Blues

Skiing in the Alps

It’s important not to always associate winter with doom and gloom; Why not make the most of the winter weather with a skiing trip to Italy, France, or Switzerland! You’re likely to get the best of both w...

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Green Cards: Brexit’s Effect on Driving Across the Border

If a ‘no deal’ Brexit takes place then any person driving their Republic of Ireland registered car in Northern Ireland will require a green card.

What Is A Green Card?

A Green Card is an internationally recognised insurance document which provides proof of the minimum compulsory motor insurance cover required by the country visited.  It is a hard copy document which is printed on green paper or with a green background.


How Does it Work Right Now?

Currently all Irish motor vehicles with a valid registration travelling within the EU are covered by the terms of the EU Motor Insurance Directive (MID).  This allows motor vehic...

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How to Decide What Car is Right for You

  • Consider where and how often you will be driving
  • Newer petrol engines have more power
  • Hybrid vehicles come in various combinations of electric and traditional
  • Technology add-ons are becoming more relevant
  • Front wheel drive and winter tyres can be just as practical as all wheel drive depending on the driving conditions you expect to face
  • Test drive on a familiar route for the best idea of compatibility

On the one hand, car buyers today have never had it so easy, thanks to a variety of ways in which to purchase both new and used vehicles. But on the other hand, these choices can make it more confusing. Then there’s the consid...

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Recognising and Preventing Stress in Your Cat

Stress related illnesses occur quite often in cats, so it’s important to be aware of their basic needs to make sure they are being met. It's also useful to be able to recognise behavioural changes in your cat that indicate that they are stressed.

Your Cat’s Basic Needs

  1. Space – Cats feel safer if they can climb to a high vantage point to survey the scene below! Provide shelves at different heights and clear the tops of cupboards so your cat can gain access.

Sufficient Resources – Cats need separate places in the home for food, water, toileting, and rest, especially if there is more than one cat sharing these resources. A ...

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