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Your Right to Appoint a Public Loss Assessor

If you don’t know what a loss adjuster is then count yourself fortunate. Loss adjusters are insurance professionals who, in the event of an insurance claim, assess the loss and the amount of compensation that should be paid.

Let’s look at home insurance. It is common for insurers to appoint loss adjusters to assess claims for loss or damage resulting from (for example) fire, storm, water damage, theft. Although the loss adjuster is appointed by the insurer and has his/her fee paid for by the insurer, it is their duty to assess the loss and advise on claim settlement in an even handed manner, i.e. claim settlement shoul...

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Protecting the ‘Pool’

You may have seen reported in the press over the summer that insurers are funding a new Garda unit set up to tackle bogus insurance claims.

Why do insurers put effort and expense into claim investigations and projects such as this?

To find the answer I think we need to ask a simple question.

How Does Insurance Work?

In answering this let me take you back in time. London in the seventeenth century, around the time of the Great Fire. Merchants and shipbuilders would meet in coffee shops to discuss trade and their problems and concerns in relation to it.

In effect they had the same risks associated with their businesses as ...

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Nine Scenic Drives That Make the Most of Autumn in Ireland

We think autumn is the best season of the year to experience Ireland in all its colourful glory. Autumn in Ireland means crisp, dewy mornings and prolonged sunshine. It means strolling down multi-coloured streets kicking the leaves as you go. Autumn is also perfect for a road trip as most tourists have kissed the Blarney Stone and gone home. This leaves the country roads quiet and the most popular spots less congested.

But the best reason for an autumn road trip is to see the vibrant Autumn foliage and wild nature displays. The colours will dazzle you. You’ll also hear the roar of the red deer stags and the chatter of ...

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Motor Insurers’ Insolvency Compensation Fund

Over recent weeks and months there has been on-going discussions and coverage in the media regarding a new charge that will apply to all motor insurance premiums. The resulting outcome is the establishment of the Motor Insurers’ Insolvency Compensation Fund (MIICF) which comes into effect from 1st December 2018.

What is the MIICF?

From December 1st a 2% contribution will be collected from all motor insurer premiums generated to directly fund the MIICF. The purpose of the MIICF is to build up a reserve fund, administered by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI), to ensure that outstanding policyholder claims can b...

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Keep Your Animals Safe and Secure at Halloween

As the dark evenings draw in and we approach the end of October we see signs of this year’s Halloween festivities beginning. Halloween can be exciting for us humans as we head into the dark cold winter but what about our pets?

Halloween can be traumatic and alarming to animals with sudden loud and high pitched sounds and flashing lights in the sky. They have a much higher frequency of hearing than we do and no way of making sense of what is happening. Anything unpredictable in their environment will alert their ‘fight or flight’ response, priming them to run and hide for safety or be aggressive to protect themselves. I...

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Are You Covered This Halloween?


Halloween is a fun family tradition, however in-between pumpkin carving, party planning, costume making and trick or treating it’s important to stay safe over the spooky season. We’ve put together some areas to keep in mind, including; Pumpkin safety, keep your property accident free, safe driving and pet anxiety so you can enjoy the Halloween break.

Pumpkin Safety

Pumpkin scented (or not) candles are very popular during Halloween, so make sure to be extra careful as candles are dangerous and can cause considerable damage to your property. Pumpkin carving is a common activity this month so take extra precautions if you ...

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