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Wet Weather Driving Tips

Driving in wet weather can be hazardous, even for the most skilled drivers among us. Visibility is affected and cars can become difficult to control. Here are some tips to ensure for a safe trip while tackling heavy downfalls.

Make Sure your Car is Prepared

It is good practice to remember that your journey begins before you start the car. There are a few necessary checks all motorists should carry out.

Firstly, it is crucial that window wipers are fully functional, otherwise they'll need to be replaced. Check both front and back! Your wipers may have become worn over time and will therefore be unable to clear the windows...

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Preparing for the Loss of a Pet

Dr. Angela Hickey, our in-house vet, and a qualified psychotherapist, discusses how to approach the death of a pet.

We each form a unique bond with our animals, caring for and sharing so many experiences with them as part of our day to day life. Our feelings of loss will also be unique, based on our particular experiences with the pet that is dying, and the nature of the bond of attachment we have formed with them.

Part 1 – Before

Anticipatory Grief

As the words of Marty Tousley state:

“It is a myth to think that dealing with the death of a pet is easier than dealing with the death of a human loved one.”

Loss of a loved c...

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A Guide to Driving in Ireland

Ireland may be small but it packs a punch and its relaxed vibe and friendly locals make traveling the Emerald Isle a pleasure.

With its wide expanses of lush green fields and many mountains, lakes, coastlines and islands; the landscape of Ireland is inspiringly beautiful if we do say so ourselves.

Ireland is also known for its history and there are plenty of medieval cities and walled towns to be enjoyed too; and the best way to travel the country is by car so you can get off the beaten track and explore more of what Ireland offers beyond the guidebooks.

Driving in Ireland is relatively straight forward but there are a f...

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Securing your Holiday Home for the Winter

With the winter months approaching holiday homes across Ireland will be left unoccupied. If the correct precautions are taken you could ensure that your holiday home is protected while you are away. Here are some useful tips for protecting your holiday home during this time:

Lock up

This is probably the easiest and most obvious step on this list. While your holiday home insurance may cover the financial loss you suffer as a result of a break-in, nothing could protect you from the emotional trauma and shock suffered if your holiday home is broken into. You wouldn’t leave your permanent home unlocked so why should your ho...

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Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2017 – The Wait Is Nearly Over!

On Monday next, 4th September, the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre will come alive once again, but this time not for a show or play, instead the Docklands venue will host the annual Allianz Business to Arts Awards which recognise the importance of the partnership between arts and business.

Allianz’s sponsorship of Business to Arts spans 17 years and during this time many worthy projects, organisations and businesses have been acknowledged for their contribution to the arts and community at these awards.

One award on the night has particular resonance with the staff of Allianz Ireland. For a number of years to engage staff wi...

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Personal Effects and Clothing Cover for Car Insurance

Here at Allianz we know that everyone values their possessions. Personal Effects and Clothing cover is there to protect you against loss of or damage to your possessions while in or on your private car (used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes) by Fire; Theft; or by accidental means. We will pay up to a maximum of €200 should such instances occur.

The personal effects covered; range from personal entertainment systems to groceries; however, there are some items that are not covered under the policy. To see a full list of exclusions, including vehicle use for Hire and Reward i.e. any use other than social, domest...

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