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Ellen Keane Enjoying a Normal Life Again

Since the Paralympics I guess you could say I am living a ‘normal’ life again. I’m back in college and got lucky with my timetable. I only have class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays this term which means four-day weekends! Immediately after the Games I got away for a week’s holiday in Gran Canaria with my boyfriend and that was a nice distraction because, as much as I wanted to be at home and soaking up all the post-Games celebrations, it probably would have been a bit of an anti-climax in one way. This way I didn’t feel any slump at all.

Before I went away myself and (discus medallist) Niamh McCarthy were on the...

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Looking After Your Pet This Halloween

This article has been written by Pete Wedderburn - one of Ireland's best known Veterinary Surgeon, Broadcaster, Author and Columnist.

Halloween may be fun for humans, but it’s genuinely terrifying for many pets. It’s up to us, as caring owners, to do our best to keep our pets safe, relaxed and comfortable.

Every year, at the end of October, peaceful autumn evenings across Ireland are disrupted by the sound of fireworks. Bangs, squeals and whines can be heard on the streets and in many back gardens. Fireworks may be part of traditional Halloween celebrations, but they are enough to drive many pets to distraction with fea...

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Melissa Hamilton - Life and Ballet (3rd Blog Post)

After my time training in France last month I’m back at Semperoper now at the start of a new season and the weather in Dresden is absolutely beautiful. Whether in ballet school or professional companies, the beginning of a new dancing year should be something to be excited about. You go back after your summer break with new hopes, new visions and new intentions, refreshed and enthusiastic with new goals set.

I opened the 2016/17 season immediately with rehearsals for Kenneth MacMillan's ‘Manon’ and three performances of this amazing ballet in one week. Now I am concentrating solely on the company’s world premiere of Do...

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How We Calculate Your Car Insurance Premium

When you purchase your Car Insurance from Allianz your premium comprises a number of elements which together add up to your total premium. Your premium is a mixture of external factors and personal factors.

As is well publicised, the external factors are currently very volatile. Insurance premiums have been rising sharply in the previous 18 months. The factors contributing to these rises include:

Many years of under-pricing in the Republic of Ireland causing many motor insurers continuing to report losses on their motor insurance businessA greater numbers of road users which in turn has led to increases in the number of...

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Additional Drivers – What You Need to Know

Adding additional drivers to your car insurance policy is a pretty common requirement whether it is your spouse, partner or children. Here at Allianz we allow you to add additional drivers to your policy on a permanent or temporary basis.

Permanent Additional Drivers

Permanent additional named drivers can be added to your policy provided they meet the same requirements as the main driver(s) with regard to licence, accident record and convictions.

Additional named drivers can usually be added to a policy when the policy is first taken out or at any stage during the policy*. If a driver is under 25 however your policy must...

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Ellen Keane on Winning a Medal in Rio

In the lead-in to Rio I was just so nervous and I think all that nervous energy and frustration was exhausting me. Even though I was tapered and ready to compete I was so tired all the time and so nervous. I think that showed in my 200m IM. But when it came to the breaststroke I wanted to win my heat and that’s what I did. That kind of relaxed me a bit more and set me up for the final.

I know the other two girls who medalled with me really well. I spent two years in boarding school in England and Claire (Cashmore, silver medallist) used to swim there. She wasn’t there when I was there but there’s a group of Paralympian...

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