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Minor Accidents and Emergencies in Young Dogs

It is useful to know in advance the proper response to an accident, injury or acute and sudden illness in your dog and what you can do to help until veterinary attention is available.

You can make up a First Aid Kit at home so that you can easily access what you need when you need it. It could contain the following items:

Scissors, nail clippers, tweezersBandages, Sterile gauze dressings, Cotton wool, Cotton padsAntiseptic solution, Antiseptic creamArnica drops, Arnica cream, Rescue Remedy and other First Aid Homeopathic or Back remedies to reduce pain, swelling and shockIt is also useful to have a muzzle and a Buster c...

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2018 Allianz Risk Barometer

Business interruption and cyber incidents dominate risk landscape for companies of all sizes and sectors in 2018.

Top Risks in 2018

They take aim at the backbone of the connected economy and, when they strike, can jeopardize the success, and even the existence, of companies of every size and sector. Business interruption (#1 risk according to 42% of respondents) and cyber incidents (#2 risk according to 40% of respondents) are now considered the top global risks facing businesses this year according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2018. The 2018 report is based on the insights of 1,911 risk experts across 80 countries.


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8 New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Car in 2018

Make this year the year you show your motor vehicle some TLC by following our 8 New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Car in 2018.

If you stick to these resolutions you will have a car that looks great on the outside, smells smashing on the inside and you will save fuel, save money and save the wear and tear on your car so you can enjoy driving it for longer.

Happy New Year and new car!

I Will Maintain My Car’s Exterior

Do you vow to get your body in shape every January? Well, why not do the same for your car. Make a promise to finally get your car in tip-top shape by doing the following:

Protecting your car’s paint job is ...

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No Claims Bonus - If You Move Abroad?

Moving abroad can be an exciting time but save a thought for your car insurance before you head off as it could save you additional cost in the long run.

Before you leave it’s important to contact us for more information about the policies, procedures and particular options relevant to your specific circumstances, at or on 01-448 48 48.

More generally, please find below some information you may find useful prior to your departure, grouped according to the length of time you plan to be abroad:

Less than 1 Year

An appropriate solution may be for you to suspend your policy if you are going to be living ...

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Why Do Car Insurance Premiums Increase?

A question asked by many, the below, explains why premiums have risen in recent times.

The calculation of your motor premium is the result of a number of interactions between many rating factors. Even though there does not appear to have been any change in individual circumstances since you last renewed your policy, some of the ratings change through the passing of time (e.g. the age of the policyholder and vehicle age) and these factors can contribute to a change in your premium. There may also have been changes in our approach to pricing the various risk factors, or the introduction of a pricing risk factor, such as ...

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Pet Insurance – A Transition Year Students Perspective

Jane Kelly, a Transition year student, from Castleknock Community College joined us for a week and investigated our Pet Insurance product and why you might insure your pet.

My name is Jane Kelly, I am a transition year student doing work experience here in Allianz. I stumbled upon a website called where I read a survey that stated that 72% of 1500 pet owners surveyed, do not have pet insurance. Reasons for this include:

  • the expense, that it is considered “a waste of money”
  • that pets apparently don't get sick
  • that owners have never thought about it

To learn more about the topic I interviewed TV3 v...

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