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How to Prevent Road Accidents This Winter

There are many things that you do to prepare for winter; ensuring that the central heating is working, topping up your home heating oil perhaps, or merely making sure you have a good supply of movies to watch while you curl up on the sofa. But, as winter approaches, it is just as vital to ensure that you have made the correct preparations for your car to reduce the risk of it letting you down. Here are some of our top tips.


Make Sure ALL Lights Are Working

With fewer hours of daylight in winter, it’s more likely that you will be doing at least some of your driving in darkness. Combined with poorer weather conditions, th...

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2019 Allianz Football League Launch

The inter-county famine is about to end, giving way to a nine-week feast of Allianz Football League action between the weekend after next and the four divisional finals in Croke Park on March 30/31.

The exciting programme features 116 games across the four divisions in a campaign which will mark the 27th year of Allianz’ partnership with the GAA as sponsor of the Allianz Leagues, making it one of the longest-running sponsorships in Irish sport.

CEO of Allianz Ireland, Seán McGrath said: “Over the past 27 years we have witnessed the evolution of the game along with the ever-growing profile and reputation of this competit...

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Looking After Your Pet in Winter Weather

Throughout winter it’s especially important to consider your pets’ needs. These helpful tips can help to keep your pets healthy and happy in the colder temperatures.


Keep Pets Indoors

All pets will appreciate being indoors with the rest of the family in cold, wet weather. This is also the safest place for them to be. Cats should be kept entirely indoors during severe weather, so have litter trays ready and available.

If your dog is a thick coated breed and used to sleeping outdoors, make sure their kennel is placed inside a garage or shed and raised off the ground. Old carpet or quilts around the outside add extra insula...

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Insurance - Handle With Care!

Most of us give little thought to our insurance from week to week. We hope that we never need to use our insurance. If the day comes where we do then we expect our insurer to treat us fairly and to provide a good claims service.

For our insurance to work as we wish when we need it, it’s crucial that we arrange it on the correct basis. We’re going to look briefly at the policyholder’s responsibility to ensure that sums insured are adequate.

The Claims Process

Doomsday scenario: Your house burns to the ground and all of your household possessions are destroyed. You make a claim to your home insurer.

You expect your insurer ...

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Allianz Ireland Gets Tough with Fraudsters

  • Up to July 31st 2018, Allianz Ireland has challenged over 100 suspicious cases in the courts and made an average saving of €20,000 per claimant

  • Allianz has over 500 suspicious cases awaiting trial dates

  • Allianz estimates that nearly half of all cases it contests are fraudulent

Allianz Ireland continues to take a very strong stance with potentially fraudsters who either have over exaggerated or made spurious claims.

In 2018, Allianz has challenged over 1,500 claimants in the courts. Nearly half (45%) of all claimants’ cases that Allianz contest in court are potentially fraudulent.    Each case that Allianz Ireland has wo...

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Top Causes of Motor Insurance Claims

Here at Allianz, our Motor Claims teams handle lots of car insurance claims every day. From little tips, bigger bumps, fire and theft; our team is busy trying to resolve claims as quickly and fairly as we can.

Third Party Claims

44% of the motor claims we dealt with last year involved a third party. These claims come in all shapes and sizes, from fender benders to sadly much more serious accidents.

It is estimated that 90% of all road traffic accidents are caused by human error. So, by being a diligent and conscious driver we can reduce the number of third party claims. Being aware of what distracts you while driving is ...

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