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Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance

Here at Allianz, we know that Car Insurance can be expensive and complicated at times. This is why we have put together some simple, helpful tips on how to save and manage the cost of your Insurance with Allianz.


Your motor premium can be reduced when a higher excess is chosen. The excess is the amount of money a customer will pay in the event of a claim. When a higher excess is selected it reduces the Insurers risk, which will reduce the cost of your premium. Excess can only be altered by phone; to learn more about our excess options please call our Customer Service Team on 01 448 48 48.

Multi policy

You can sav...

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Spring Clean Your Car from the Inside Out

As we say goodbye to the dark and dreary winter months; now is the perfect time to spruce up your car and show it a little TLC.

There are many reasons, good reasons for cleaning your car, and it’s not just so it looks good. A clean car can reduce distractions when driving, it can ease wear and tear on the car’s interior and exterior, it can prevent corrosion and rust, remove allergens from the ventilation system and boost its resale value.

You don’t have to do much to keep your car clean. With these handy tips and tricks your motor will look marvelous in no time. With this in mind, it’s time to roll up those sleeves.


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Driving in Ice and Snow

With the cold weather approaching there is likely to be ice and snow over the coming days. This can be very dangerous for road users. Driving in these conditions is hazardous, even for the most experienced drivers among us. Visibility is affected and cars can become difficult to control. Here are some tips to ensure for a safe trip while tackling ice or snow on the roads.

Make Sure Your Car is Prepared

It is good practice to remember that your journey begins before you start the car. There are a couple of necessary checks all motorists should carry out. Firstly, it is crucial that window wipers are fully functional, bot...

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8 New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Car in 2018

Make this year the year you show your motor vehicle some TLC by following our 8 New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Car in 2018.

If you stick to these resolutions you will have a car that looks great on the outside, smells smashing on the inside and you will save fuel, save money and save the wear and tear on your car so you can enjoy driving it for longer.

Happy New Year and new car!

I Will Maintain My Car’s Exterior

Do you vow to get your body in shape every January? Well, why not do the same for your car. Make a promise to finally get your car in tip-top shape by doing the following:

Protecting your car’s paint job is ...

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No Claims Bonus - If You Move Abroad?

Moving abroad can be an exciting time but save a thought for your car insurance before you head off as it could save you additional cost in the long run.

Before you leave it’s important to contact us for more information about the policies, procedures and particular options relevant to your specific circumstances, at or on 01-448 48 48.

More generally, please find below some information you may find useful prior to your departure, grouped according to the length of time you plan to be abroad:

Less than 1 Year

An appropriate solution may be for you to suspend your policy if you are going to be living ...

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Why Do Car Insurance Premiums Increase?

A question asked by many, the below, explains why premiums have risen in recent times.

The calculation of your motor premium is the result of a number of interactions between many rating factors. Even though there does not appear to have been any change in individual circumstances since you last renewed your policy, some of the ratings change through the passing of time (e.g. the age of the policyholder and vehicle age) and these factors can contribute to a change in your premium. There may also have been changes in our approach to pricing the various risk factors, or the introduction of a pricing risk factor, such as ...

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