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Vehicle Maintenance

It is important to give your vehicle regular TLC and maintenance checks to ensure road worthiness and safety whilst driving.

There are several benefits of keeping your vehicle well maintained;

  • Reduces risk of breakdowns and vehicle deterioration.

  • Increases Driver and Passenger safety.

  • Reduces the chances of penalty points due to vehicle roadworthiness.

  • Can improve the resale value.

  • And most importantly it ensures that your vehicle meets the minimum standards.

We have put together a list of six basic vehicle checks that you can do to keep your car healthy and running smoothly.


Car tyre maintenance is one of the most impor...

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Driving Safety This Christmas

New research from Allianz Ireland has revealed that the majority of Irish drivers (82%) will consume alcohol over the holidays this year. Despite a strong campaign from RSA Ireland to inform the public of new drink driving legislation, over one-third (35%) claim to remain unaware of the stricter limits set by the new regulations.

With Christmas preparations in full-swing, 1 in 3 Irish drivers are likely to drive more often than normal leading up to Christmas. Irish drivers are much more likely to be in their cars shopping, visiting family and friends, and attending parties during the festive season, which results in a ...

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IIDS and Why It’s Good for You As A Customer

IIDS is an abbreviation for the Integrated Information Data Service. This is a shared service operated by Insurance Ireland on behalf of its members and it currently has two aspects which Allianz can utilise:

  • Verifying a customer’s penalty points

  • No Claims Discount (NCD) entitlement

At Allianz, we use your driver number and date of birth to verify your penalty points; and an NCD PIN (where applicable) supplied by you to verify your NCD entitlement; when you wish to take out a motor insurance policy with us.

If you are an existing customer, we will contact you (prior to your renewal date) by post or email to request your d...

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Preparing Your Car Battery For Winter

Your car might not have any issue starting its engine now, but as the temperature drops, so too can the performance of your car’s battery. In colder weather, the standard 12-volt battery in your car may struggle to turn over the engine.

Battery Tester

One quick and easy way to check is to get a battery tester (or bring it into a garage for a free test). A battery tester can indicate whether your car’s battery is working at its optimum level. Over time, car batteries can lose their effectiveness, and cold weather can advance this. If you notice that it is becoming more difficult to start your car, especially from cold fi...

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Nine Scenic Drives That Make the Most of Autumn in Ireland

We think autumn is the best season of the year to experience Ireland in all its colourful glory. Autumn in Ireland means crisp, dewy mornings and prolonged sunshine. It means strolling down multi-coloured streets kicking the leaves as you go. Autumn is also perfect for a road trip as most tourists have kissed the Blarney Stone and gone home. This leaves the country roads quiet and the most popular spots less congested.

But the best reason for an autumn road trip is to see the vibrant Autumn foliage and wild nature displays. The colours will dazzle you. You’ll also hear the roar of the red deer stags and the chatter of ...

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Motor Insurers’ Insolvency Compensation Fund

Over recent weeks and months there has been on-going discussions and coverage in the media regarding a new charge that will apply to all motor insurance premiums. The resulting outcome is the establishment of the Motor Insurers’ Insolvency Compensation Fund (MIICF) which comes into effect from 1st December 2018.

What is the MIICF?

From December 1st a 2% contribution will be collected from all motor insurer premiums generated to directly fund the MIICF. The purpose of the MIICF is to build up a reserve fund, administered by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI), to ensure that outstanding policyholder claims can b...

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