Car Care Tips During the Coronavirus Restrictions

1 min read     April 21st, 2020

Many people will have a very limited need to drive at the moment, with their primary concern being keeping themselves and their families safe. There are, however, some practical things that can be done to help keep your car dependable while you stay safe.

Cars are meant to be driven. A car laying idle for an extended period risks the battery losing its charge, as well as tyres losing pressure and developing flat spots. Plus, brake calipers can seize, brake discs corrode, and more. So what can be done to help prevent these issues from arising?


Ideally and where possible cars need to be run for 20 minutes every week.  Batteries take their charge from a running engine, so consider using the car once a week for the shopping run, of course while complying with current government restrictions. If there are two cars in the family, consider alternating their use so that one is not left completely idol.


Running the car at least once a week will also help avoid the tyres getting flat spots.  If you own a portable inflation pump, top up the air to the correct pressure.

Brakes and steering

Brake discs can rust over and calipers seize quite quickly if not used.  A short run to the supermarket will keep the brake calipers active and take the surface rust off the brake discs. It will also get some beneficial movement into steering linkages, shock absorbers, and suspension bushings.

Service intervals

These intervals can be stretched a little. With garages closed at the moment, some scheduled servicing will have to be pushed out a little. If oil and other fluid levels are in order, and you’re not driving great distances, it is unlikely that there will be largely harmful effects.


This guidance is for general information purposes only. Allianz accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses that may arise from any reliance upon the information contained in this guidance.