Preparing Your Car Battery For Winter

by Dave Humphreys | 1 min read     November 23rd, 2018

Your car might not have any issue starting its engine now, but as the temperature drops, so too can the performance of your car’s battery. In colder weather, the standard 12-volt battery in your car may struggle to turn over the engine.

Battery Tester

One quick and easy way to check is to get a battery tester (or bring it into a garage for a free test). A battery tester can indicate whether your car’s battery is working at its optimum level. Over time, car batteries can lose their effectiveness, and cold weather can advance this. If you notice that it is becoming more difficult to start your car, especially from cold first thing in the morning, then you may need to replace the battery before it lets you down.

If you want to give your battery a better chance when starting a cold engine, we recommend that you switch off any other items such as headlights and climate control or heaters. These place an additional drain on the battery when it is trying to turn over the engine.

Replacing the Battery

Replacing most car batteries can be an easy job, but it can vary depending on the model of car that you have. Many retailers also offer a fitting service for what is usually only a small additional fee, which may be of use if you aren’t feeling confident in attempting the job yourself. One other useful tip is to ensure that you have the numerical pin code for your car’s radio system as you will likely have to re-enter this when the new battery is connected.

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