Car with lights on in rain

Switch on this Winter

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December 11th, 2015

The dangers of driving at night or in dull conditions with no lights on are very real. Yet most of us will, at some stage, have done it. This Winter make sure all the lights on your vehicle are in full working order and used at appropriate times.

Most of us have been there, having jumped into the car and fastened the seat belt, we have taken off without turning our lights on.  As Winter descends upon us  and the mornings and evenings become increasingly dark, it is very important to switch on your lights. Not only will it improve your ability to see the road ahead but it will make you more visible to other road users.

Using your dipped head lights

Your vehicle’s headlights are very powerful and if not used correctly can be blinding and dangerous for other road users. Your dipped headlights will offer visibility when you cannot use your headlights.  You should use your dipped headlights when:

Driving at night or in dark conditions

Remember, driving at night and in dark conditions is more dangerous than in day light condition. Make sure you wear a seat belt, slow down and use your lights appropriately.

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