Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance

by Colin Carrigan | 2 min read

April 9th, 2018

Here at Allianz, we know that Car Insurance can be expensive and complicated at times. This is why we have put together some simple, helpful tips on how to save and manage the cost of your Insurance with Allianz.


Your motor premium can be reduced when a higher excess is chosen. The excess is the amount of money a customer will pay in the event of a claim. When a higher excess is selected it reduces the Insurers risk, which will reduce the cost of your premium. Excess can only be altered by phone; to learn more about our excess options please call our Customer Service Team on 01 448 48 48.

Multi policy

You can save on your Car Insurance if you have more than one policy with Allianz. For example if you have a Car insurance and a Home insurance policy with Allianz we will offer a 10% premium reduction for 1 year. However, a multi-policy discount is strictly only available by calling our Customer Service Team on 01 448 48 48.

Also, additional savings can be made if you hold 4 or more policies; and you could be eligible for PAS (our Premier Accounts Service) rates; subject to certain claims criteria. If you are eligible for PAS rates you can receive up to 19% off your car insurance premium.

Buying Online

By purchasing a new policy directly through our website we offer premium reductions of up to 14% off for Car Insurance. Premium reductions are also available when buying Home and Pet policies online. This makes the insurance buying process easier; documentation is delivered electronically; and all your policy documentation and change requirements can be managed via our customer portal MyAllianz.

Tax Saver Ticket

We know lots of people use public transport when travelling to work; if that’s you then you can save 25% on your car insurance by having an Annual Tax Saver ticket for public transport. If you do have a Tax Saver ticket please make sure you let us know by phone or by ticking the option on our online quotation form – to avail of a 25% saving on your car insurance.

Cover Benefits

Along with reviewing your policy details taking a look at the optional benefits on your car insurance policy can lead to premium savings. With Allianz, you can tailor your cover to suit you by only taking the cover you need. For example if you bought a new car you may not need to have breakdown assistance on your policy as some garages offer breakdown as standard for a defined time period. To assist you, some of the optional benefits to reflect on include:

To learn more about your policy please call our customer service team at 01 448 48 48 or email

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