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Home Safety Tips for Your Kids

Your home is a great place for you to sit back and relax with your children. You should be able to feel confident in the knowledge that your children are safe in your home. As your children grow and learn, becoming more adventurous, accidents can happen. It can be helpful to put some preventative measures in place that can help your child to stay safe in the home, and to be aware of the risks that exist.


Water Safety - Kids

Whether you’re bathing your new-born, letting your toddler splash around in the bath, or playing in the paddling pool in the back garden, water is great fun for children. However, it does present a number of dange...

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Emergency Home Assistance

Your insurance company might not be the first to come to mind when a pipe has burst or a window is broken. In fact, research from Allianz, conducted by Red C Research in October 2018, shows that 48% of those who experienced an emergency called a tradesperson first (for example a plumber or electrician), while only 14% called their home insurer first. The research, commissioned by Allianz and conducted by Red C Research amongst 1,043 adults nationwide, also found that only 2% of homeowners/renters were likely to call their home insurance provider when locked out of their home.

Allianz recently launched a new feature for...

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Are You Covered? Possessions in Your Custody or Control

When you purchase Home Contents insurance it covers the contents that you own whilst they are in your home. Cover provided by home insurance policies differs between insurance providers, so we will look specifically at the Allianz policy.

What Am I Covered For?

Contents in an Allianz policy are defined as household goods and items that you normally wear or carry (referred to as personal effects) owned by you. In addition it covers:

Items for which you are legally responsible (including items that you have leased or hired).Items owned by members of your household, e.g. owned by your spouse, son, or daughter (as long as th...

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

With Earth Day upon us, it’s a great time to remember the importance of environmental awareness. To do this, individual action is encouraged to help make a contribution. This can be done in the form of saving energy in your home. Small changes can make a huge difference, and can sometimes even save you money. Take a look at some of our tips to help you save energy in your home.

Insulate Your Home

It may seem like a simple step, but your home may not be as well insulated as you think. By sealing any air leaks at windows and doors, and properly insulating, you have the potential to save on heating bills. Any gaps in the f...

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What to Consider When Buying Your First Home

So, you’re thinking of buying your first home. No matter what age or stage of your life, it’s always going to be a daunting prospect with many ups and downs, as well as plenty of saving! To help make your journey as a first-time home buyer a lot smoother, we’ve put together a short list of tips.

Start Saving

Before you start even considering buying a property, you might need to start saving for the deposit, which will cover a percentage of the cost of the home. Having a significant savings fund can help to get a wider choice of mortgage options. To help you on your way, it might be advisable to try and cut out any discr...

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How You Can Affect Your Home Insurance Premium

There are several ways that you can manage your own risk to help keep your home insurance premium as low as possible.

Claims History

A good claims history is critical. Typically, those who have made a recent claim are more likely to claim again. Insurers therefore consider past claim experience to be significant. Having no previous claims is best for your premium, but bear in mind the number and value of claims has an impact, so consider not claiming for very small claims.

Your Policy Excess

Another way to affect your number of claims is your policy excess. This is the initial amount of the claim that you, as the policyho...

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