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What to Know Before Becoming a Landlord

So you’re thinking of becoming a landlord? Some people are led to believe there is very little work required, needing only to sit at home collecting your rent payments every month with minimal fuss; But don’t be fooled. There may be more to becoming a landlord than you think.

Know Your Responsibilities

As landlord, you have an abundance of responsibilities when it comes to your property and looking after your tenants. These fall under an “implied warranty of habitability”, which means that landlords must keep the home liveable. First steps include registering tenancy with the Residential Tenancy Board here and providing...

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First-Hand Tips from a First-Time Home Buyer

I recently purchased my first home alongside my partner. It’s important to know that we didn’t have a clue what we were doing. Hopefully we are not the only ones who found it tricky, however we definitely found it very rewarding. If you are in the same boat then hopefully some of these tips and tricks below might help you along the way.

For Sale

Saving Up

We started saving in 2015/16 and in late 2016 we moved out of our apartment in Dublin city centre back home to our parents’ houses to save more. We then engaged with a mortgage provider early 2018 and started viewing homes in the summer.

Top Things We Learned During the Viewing ...

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Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer Heat

An Irish summer is a strange thing; it is unpredictable at best and if last year’s weather is anything to go by, then a hot summer could be in store! However, one thing that may not always spring to mind during warmer weather is the affect that the heat can have on you and on your home. Not every home in Ireland has air conditioning, so we’ll take a look at 4 alternative options to help make the heat more bearable.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

It may seem very simple, but this is most likely to have the greatest affect on the heat in your home. By keeping your blinds down and your curtains pulled during the warmest p...

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Beyond The BBQ - Garden Party Ideas for Summer 2019

Summer has finally arrived – who’s up for some alfresco fine dining? Outdoor eating is a great way to relax, unwind, and catch up with family and friends. Transform your outdoor area into an eatery for a “Pinterest-perfect” patio party!

So what are the latest tasty trends for outdoor eating this Summer? Big American style BBQs are out – make way for fancy fire pits, Korean style spreads and pretty pizza ovens. A lip smacking summer is on its way!

Fire Pits


Create a fabulous focal point for your garden with a fire pit. Gather your friends and family for a communal cookout. Choose from fire pits, fire bowls, and even fire ...

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Summer Gardening Tips

Think glorious gardens are for green gurus, genius growers and prized plant people? It’s actually easier than you think to give your ‘run of the mill’ green spaces a rethink with our summer gardening tips. Our downloadable ‘how to’ print out below is sure to get blooms blossoming and bees buzzing around your garden, a perfect summer project for you and your family!


Good ideas for a glorious garden, all summer long:

Drink Up

Worried about when to water your garden? A helpful hack is to water early in the morning when temperatures are cooler – less evaporation means the water can easily reach the roots. If you are not an e...

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Home Safety Tips for Your Kids

Your home is a great place for you to sit back and relax with your children. You should be able to feel confident in the knowledge that your children are safe in your home. As your children grow and learn, becoming more adventurous, accidents can happen. It can be helpful to put some preventative measures in place that can help your child to stay safe in the home, and to be aware of the risks that exist.


Water Safety - Kids

Whether you’re bathing your new-born, letting your toddler splash around in the bath, or playing in the paddling pool in the back garden, water is great fun for children. However, it does present a number of dange...

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