Top 5 Home Insurance Claims

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July 23rd, 2018

Here at Allianz we deal with our customer’s home insurance claims every day. These range from relatively minor claims like Accidental Damage which is an optional extension of cover, right through to much larger claims following fire or flood damage.


1. Water Damage


Water Damage was the biggest category in 2017 accounting for 30% of all household insurance claims.

The most common Water Damage or ‘Escape of Water’ claims arise from pipes (e.g. underfloor pipes, radiators, or leaks from overflow pipes in the attic). A common query is that of Escape of Water from bath and showers. We don’t cover loss or damage where water leaks through the grouting or seals which is considered to be ‘wear and tear’.

Here are some guidelines and tips to help prevent water damage from occurring. These should only be undertaken by a professional. Should you decide to seek the services of a professionals, please note that their fee won’t be covered under your home insurance policy.

2. Storm Damage


Storm damage in Ireland is quite common and accounted for 24% of all Allianz home insurance claims in 2017. Storm damage, resulting from winds in excess of 47knots, usually includes damage to roofs when slates or tiles are displaced, and damage to gutters.

Your Policy covers your Premises; when a sum insured for this cover is shown on the schedule. Your policy with Allianz covers Storm, however generally this is excluding loss or damage:

Please check your home insurance policy for full information.

Here are some guidelines and tips to help prevent storm damage from occurring. These should only be undertaken by a professional. Should you decide to seek the services of a professional, please note that their fee will not be covered under your home insurance policy.

3. Accidental Damage


The next most common claim in 2017 resulted from Accidental Damage and accounted for 20% of home insurance claims.

Accidental Damage is included as standard on your premises cover and is an optional extension of cover  for contents on your Home Insurance policy covering accidental damage to premises and/or contents - subject to the exclusions outlined in the Policy Document.

If you are insured with Allianz and have selected Accidental Damage cover on your Contents then we will reimburse you for damage to your contents. The following are examples of contents covered under accidental damage:

If you wish to learn more about our Home Insurance Policy you can do so here.

4. Theft – Forced Entry


Next on the list are claims resulting from Theft – Forced Entry, which accounted for 11% of home insurance claims in 2017.

Theft mainly involves forced entry through windows and doors at both the back and front of homes, but can also include theft outside of the home. Items stolen from outside of the home can be protected under our optional extension ‘All Risks Cover’. This protects you against loss, theft of, or accidental damage to, portable personal items. These could include jewellery, clothing, photographic or sports equipment to name but a few.

Garda Analysis Service data shows that front doors are the most common entry point in 29% of burglaries. Burglars also commonly target back doors (26%), back windows (24%) and front windows (8%). 1 in 5 cases involve a burglar getting access through an unsecured door or window.

An Garda Síochána Lock Up and Light Up Campaign offers clear simple and effective advice with regards to tackling burglaries. If You Love It, Lock Up and Light Up.

These simple steps can help protect your home from theft. Whether you’re at home or going out:

5. Fire Damage


House fires accounted for 10% of Allianz home insurance claims in 2017. Damage following fire can often be severe.

Damage mainly results from chimney fires, followed by electrical fires. This includes damage arising from household appliances. A simple preventative measure (which is often forgotten) is removing the lint from your dryer. Lint can clog your appliance and prevent it from working properly, which could possibly result in a fire. Furthermore we recommend having your chimney cleaned twice a year to reduce the risk of a fire.

The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government and the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue service jointly run Fire Safety Week – a campaign aimed at enhancing fire safety, particularly in the home.

The campaign advocates a 4 step process to ensure fire safety:

  1. S - Smoke alarms. Make sure you have at least one on every level/floor.
  2. T - Test your smoke alarms weekly or ask someone to check it for you.
  3. O - Obvious dangers. Look out for fire risks like overloaded sockets; candles and unattended appliances.
  4. P - Plan your escape route. Keep access routes clear and have your keys at the ready.

You can learn more about Fire Prevention on the Fire Safety Week website.

At Allianz we take particular care to provide you with a dedicated Claims service designed with you in mind to ensure the fair and prompt settlement of all legitimate claims.

If you would like to report a new claim, discuss an existing claim, you can call us directly on 01 613 3990. For more information on home claims including what to do in the event of a claim please visit the  Home Insurance Claims section of our website.

Please note: It is important to remember, when proposing for insurance cover, that the information you provide is true and complete and that no material fact has been misrepresented or withheld by you. Failure to disclose all material information may result in the voidance or cancellation of your policy, a claim not being paid or partly paid, you encountering difficulty obtaining insurance elsewhere or, in the case of home insurance, you breaching the terms and conditions of any loan on the property.

Information correct as of 01/06/2018. Calls may be recorded.

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