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Keeping Your Pet Healthy: Neutering

One of the most important acts of responsible pet care is to avoid unwanted litters of puppies and kittens by neutering your pet.

Neutering Prevents Unwanted Puppies and Kittens

Over 3,000 dogs were given up by their owners to dog pounds in 2018, and nearly 400 puppies were handed in to the charity Dog’s Trust in the month after Christmas this year. Many more were euthanized by vets or handed in to other animal charities around the country, who struggle to pay for their care. Puppy and kitten vaccination time is the perfect opportunity to discuss neutering with your vet.

Neuter Early in Life

The recommended age for neuter...

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Caring for Middle Aged and Elderly Pets

The average lifespan of our pets is unfortunately much shorter than our own. It is therefore important to look out for signs of ageing to provide the best care possible for our middle aged and elderly dogs and cats.


Large Breeds of Dogs Age Faster

Average lifespans for larger dog breeds tend to range from 6-10 years, while smaller breeds can often live to 16-17 years on average, with a higher likelihood of reaching even their 20s. Because of their shorter life span, larger dogs could be described as ‘middle aged’ at 3 to 5 years old! Crossbreed dogs  frequently live longer than purebred dogs because of less genetic illn...

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Recognising and Preventing Stress in Your Cat

Stress related illnesses occur quite often in cats, so it’s important to be aware of their basic needs to make sure they are being met. It's also useful to be able to recognise behavioural changes in your cat that indicate that they are stressed.

Your Cat’s Basic Needs

  1. Space – Cats feel safer if they can climb to a high vantage point to survey the scene below! Provide shelves at different heights and clear the tops of cupboards so your cat can gain access.

Sufficient Resources – Cats need separate places in the home for food, water, toileting, and rest, especially if there is more than one cat sharing these resources. A ...

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Ireland's Most Insured Dogs and Cats

At Allianz we insure thousands of cats and dogs and hundreds of different breeds. We are often asked what are the most common breeds insured in Ireland. There are so many types, shapes, colours and breeds, so to help break it down we have researched our database and pulled out the five most popular Dog and Cat breeds in Ireland. 

Most popular Dogs & Cats Insured:

  1. Crossbreeds (Dogs)

  2. Golden Retrievers

  3. Crossbreed (Cats)

  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  5. Bichon Frise


Crossbred dogs are the most commonly insured pet here at Allianz and we think that’s great. Crossbred dogs are often more robust and not as susceptible to inherited...

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Looking After Your Pet in Winter Weather

Throughout winter it’s especially important to consider your pets’ needs. These helpful tips can help to keep your pets healthy and happy in the colder temperatures.


Keep Pets Indoors

All pets will appreciate being indoors with the rest of the family in cold, wet weather. This is also the safest place for them to be. Cats should be kept entirely indoors during severe weather, so have litter trays ready and available.

If your dog is a thick coated breed and used to sleeping outdoors, make sure their kennel is placed inside a garage or shed and raised off the ground. Old carpet or quilts around the outside add extra insula...

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Caring For Your Pet at Christmas

The holidays involve a lot of changes in your home so think ahead and make a plan that will help keep your pet as happy and calm as possible.

Giving a pet as a gift is not a good idea. Deciding to bring a pet into your home is a long term commitment and is ideally done when you can focus on the needs of the new pet in a calm, stress free environment.



As you decorate your rooms make sure decorations and electric wires are out of reach of pets. Some reward-based training may be needed to keep the ornaments on your tree! Be very careful with lighted candles. Keep them high up, away from wagging tails and cats’ w...

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