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Ireland's Most Insured Dogs and Cats

At Allianz we insure thousands of cats and dogs and hundreds of different breeds. We are often asked what are the most common breeds insured in Ireland. There are so many types, shapes, colours and breeds, so to help break it down we have researched our database and pulled out the five most popular Dog and Cat breeds in Ireland. 

Most popular Dogs & Cats Insured:

  1. Crossbreeds (Dogs)

  2. Golden Retrievers

  3. Crossbreed (Cats)

  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  5. Bichon Frise


Crossbred dogs are the most commonly insured pet here at Allianz and we think that’s great. Crossbred dogs are often more robust and not as susceptible to inherited...

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Looking After Your Pet in Winter Weather

Throughout winter it’s especially important to consider your pets’ needs. These helpful tips can help to keep your pets healthy and happy in the colder temperatures.


Keep Pets Indoors

All pets will appreciate being indoors with the rest of the family in cold, wet weather. This is also the safest place for them to be. Cats should be kept entirely indoors during severe weather, so have litter trays ready and available.

If your dog is a thick coated breed and used to sleeping outdoors, make sure their kennel is placed inside a garage or shed and raised off the ground. Old carpet or quilts around the outside add extra insula...

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Caring For Your Pet at Christmas

The holidays involve a lot of changes in your home so think ahead and make a plan that will help keep your pet as happy and calm as possible.

Giving a pet as a gift is not a good idea. Deciding to bring a pet into your home is a long term commitment and is ideally done when you can focus on the needs of the new pet in a calm, stress free environment.



As you decorate your rooms make sure decorations and electric wires are out of reach of pets. Some reward-based training may be needed to keep the ornaments on your tree! Be very careful with lighted candles. Keep them high up, away from wagging tails and cats’ w...

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Majority of Irish Dog and Cat Owners Do Not Have Pet Insurance

Allianz Nationwide Research Reveals:

  • 70% of dog owners and nearly 90% of cat owners are without pet health cover
  • Younger people are the most responsible pet owners, with nearly half (46%) of 18-24 year old dog owners having pet insurance
  • 24% of older pet owners insure their animals
  • 34% of pet owners feel pet insurance is too expensive
  • Most expensive vet bills, on average, cost €2,600

New research from Allianz Ireland, who have been insuring pets across Ireland for more than 17 years, reveals that 70% of dog owners and nearly 90% of cat owners do not have pet insurance. Irish pet owners have cited cost, lack of information, ...

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Keep Your Animals Safe and Secure at Halloween

As the dark evenings draw in and we approach the end of October we see signs of this year’s Halloween festivities beginning. Halloween can be exciting for us humans as we head into the dark cold winter but what about our pets?

Halloween can be traumatic and alarming to animals with sudden loud and high pitched sounds and flashing lights in the sky. They have a much higher frequency of hearing than we do and no way of making sense of what is happening. Anything unpredictable in their environment will alert their ‘fight or flight’ response, priming them to run and hide for safety or be aggressive to protect themselves. I...

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5 Places to Pamper Your Pet in Ireland

Our Pets are part of the family and need to be pampered just as much as we do sometimes, so why not treat them to a day out. We have put together a list of the 5 great places to bring your pet for a day out or simply for a pampering.

Canine Creations – 4.9 Google Reviews

If you are looking to get an overall pampering experience we would recommend Canine Creations in Dublin 18, Sandyford. Canine Creations are a multi-award winning dog grooming service and they provide the ultimate dog day spa treatment for your pet. The owner of the company Cathy Bruin has also competed internationally in dog grooming competitions. Canin...

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