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Why Keeping your Horse in Open Grassy Fields is the Perfect Summertime Home

In theory, the summertime should be the easiest time of year to keep a horse: the weather is generally mild enough so that they can be kept outdoors in grass fields, in small groups, with a type of management closest to the natural type of equine environment. As a result, behavioural issues should be less common, and there should be less need for direct owner involvement. However care must still be taken to avoid problems and to ensure optimal health.

Home Sweet Home

First, the area where the horses are being kept should be assessed to ensure tha...

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Pet Loss Support

By Angela Hickey MVB

Allianz Pet Insurance staff regularly receive phone calls and letters from distressed pet owners who have just lost their companion animal through illness or injury.  When they call to cancel their pet’s policy they often find it hard to say the words “my pet has died.”  A very real loss has occurred and they need the understanding and support of others.  Allianz’s Pet Insurance staff (including 6 registered vet nurses and 2 consultant vets) are very aware of this need and are sensitive to how people are feeling at this difficult time. 

In 2010 Allianz sponsored the publication of the first leaflet ...

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Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Dogs on Couch

As a vet in practice, I am often asked why people should bother to get their pets spayed and neutered. Why not just leave them to be natural? After all, we don’t spay or neuter humans?

There are two broad reasons and they are both worth explaining in detail.  

Population Control

The first reason for spaying and neutering is for population control. If dogs are not neutered or spayed they are likely to breed and, historically, Ireland has a serious problem with unwanted puppies and kittens. Local authority dog pounds in Ireland kill around forty dogs every week. While it is true that some dogs in the pounds may need to be...

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Looking After Your Pet This Halloween

This article has been written by Pete Wedderburn - one of Ireland's best known Veterinary Surgeon, Broadcaster, Author and Columnist.

Halloween may be fun for humans, but it’s genuinely terrifying for many pets. It’s up to us, as caring owners, to do our best to keep our pets safe, relaxed and comfortable.

Every year, at the end of October, peaceful autumn evenings across Ireland are disrupted by the sound of fireworks. Bangs, squeals and whines can be heard on the streets and in many back gardens. Fireworks may be part of traditional Halloween celebrations, but they are enough to drive many pets to distraction with fea...

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Obesity in Pets - Pete the Vet

Obesity is shockingly common in pets: all species, including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and budgies can be affected. Surveys1 have demonstrated that around one-third of all pets are too fat. It's a complex subject: owners don't set out to deliberately overindulge their beloved pets.

Potential Problems

Obesity causes many problems in pets, just as it does in humans. A vicious circle of weight gain can easily develop. The heavier a pet becomes, the less they want to exercise, and so the less energy they burn up. Instead of enjoying play and exercise, the most enjoyable part of their life becomes eating, so they eat mor...

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Choose a Cross-Bred Rescue Dog

We asked practicing small animal vet and well known journalist Pete Wedderburn for his view on the best breed of dogs. Here’s what he had to say:

Pedigree breeds can be an excellent choice of pet, but as a vet, when I'm asked to recommend a breed of dog, I usually take a different view: my advice is often: "Choose a cross-bred rescue dog". By all means, look through the list of breeds to get some sense of the type of animal you'd like, but don't feel bound to choose a pedigree animal.

Ireland produces far too many dogs: every year, thousands of dogs are euthanased in local authority dog pounds because they're not wanted...

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