Compulsory Microchipping - What You Need to Know!

On the 1st September 2015 the Microchipping of Dogs Regulation 2015 came into effect making it compulsory for all new pups to have a registered microchip implanted.  On the 31st March 2016 the regulation was expanded to include all dogs.

The introduction of compulsory microchipping for dogs is a massive step forward for dog welfare in Ireland. It will allow for the speedy return of stray and lost dogs to their owners and will act as a deterrent to those who abandon dogs.

Here are all the key points you need to know:

  • From March 31st, 2016 all dogs MUST be microchipped with their details registered on an approved database. Owners must hold a certificate of proof from the database.
  • From September 1st 2015, any pup MUST be chipped by the time they reach 12 weeks, or before they leave the property they were born on. The microchip must be registered on an approved database, and the breeder or owner must hold a certificate with the pup’s details and the owner’s details.
  • From September 1st 2015 it will be illegal to buy, take ownership, sell or supply a pup that does not have a certificate of microchip registration from an approved database. (This will apply to all dogs from March 31st, 2016).
  • Dog owners must ensure that all information is up to date and correct. Any changes must be made known to the Database and recorded on a new certificate.
  • If your dog is already chipped he or she does not need to be re-chipped; however, their details must be stored on an approved database and hold a certificate confirming.
  • The microchip must meet a specific technical standard and the supplier must have a contract with an approved database for the storage of the data.
  • The Vet,Veterinary nurse or lay implanter must have a unique identifying code (U.I.C). This code is issued by approved Database. This code will be found on the certificate.
  • All Vets, Nurses and lay implanters must complete training with approved databases allowing them to register data on the database.
  • By law, records made will be kept for 20 years.
  • To retrieve data from a database you must have approval with the database and use the relevant verification pin. Without this it is illegal for a database to disclose details.
  • Owners must present proof of identity when presenting  their dog to have a microchip implanted.

As Ireland’s largest pet insurer we encourage pet owners to microchip their pets so that if your pet is lost, strays or is stolen there is a better opportunity that they will reunited with you.

Allianz Ireland will continue to offer a once off discount for microchipped pets meaning you can insure your dog for as little as €15.05 a month*.

* Premium is for a crossbreed dog aged  1yr  old that has a microchip. Premium applies in first year only.

Learn more about Allianz pet insurance by visiting our pet insurance webpage.

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