Pet Microchipping

Compulsory Microchipping - What You Need to Know!

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August 24th, 2015

On the 1st September 2015 the Microchipping of Dogs Regulation 2015 came into effect making it compulsory for all new pups to have a registered microchip implanted.  On the 31st March 2016 the regulation was expanded to include all dogs.

The introduction of compulsory microchipping for dogs is a massive step forward for dog welfare in Ireland. It will allow for the speedy return of stray and lost dogs to their owners and will act as a deterrent to those who abandon dogs.

Here are all the key points you need to know:

As Ireland’s largest pet insurer we encourage pet owners to microchip their pets so that if your pet is lost, strays or is stolen there is a better opportunity that they will reunited with you.

Allianz Ireland will continue to offer a once off discount for microchipped pets meaning you can insure your dog for as little as €15.05 a month*.

* Premium is for a crossbreed dog aged  1yr  old that has a microchip. Premium applies in first year only.

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