Pet Insurance – A Transition Year Students Perspective

3 min read  December 12th, 2017

Jane Kelly, a Transition year student, from Castleknock Community College joined us for a week and investigated our Pet Insurance product and why you might insure your pet.

My name is Jane Kelly, I am a transition year student doing work experience here in Allianz. I stumbled upon a website called where I read a survey that stated that 72% of 1500 pet owners surveyed, do not have pet insurance. Reasons for this include:

  • the expense, that it is considered “a waste of money”
  • that pets apparently don't get sick
  • that owners have never thought about it

To learn more about the topic I interviewed TV3 vet, Pete Wedderburn, to understand his view on whether or not pet owners should get pet insurance. I asked him several questions from common complaints to his opinion on Insurance.

What Pete Had to Say

What is the most common complaint that people come to you with as a vet?

He stated that skin disease was seen very often with pets and stated that the same pet would be seen continuously for up to four months. Perhaps the pet had a wound and kept scratching at it, the wound would become itchy and may be infected. Pete said the skin disease may be from allergies and can be difficult to figure out why this is - possibly from the weather or their food.

87% of pet owners take their pet for annual vaccinations. What is your opinion on the importance of vaccinating your pet?

Pete stated that it is of course important to get these annual vaccinations for your pet's health and safety and that it is good practice for the pet owner to visit the vet to see if anything is wrong with their pet, as it would be best to treat them as soon as possible.

According to 2017 Irish Pet Owners Survey Results, it shows that 72% of pet owners don't insure their pets, why do you think this is?

Pete's reply said that people have a lack of knowledge about such things. He also stated that he believes pet insurance is good for budgeting and does save you money. It also ensures you that your pet can have the best possible treatment. Pete also stated that the worst outcome for pet owners can be economic euthanasia, when owners can not afford to pay for their pet's treatment, and this can be prevented by insuring the pet. He told me that Pet Insurance does NOT necessarily save you money.

My Own Thoughts

So Why Should Pet Owners Get Pet Insurance?

76% of pet owners from the survey have pet insurance for peace of mind. Many people may laugh at the idea of pet insurance, but all pets can become sick – just like humans do.


Pet insurance can be potentially cheaper if your pet is ill or has an injury. Vet big bills for pets can become a major issue and so, as an alternative, for some pet insurance can be the better way of handling such costs. According to the survey results, 10% spend less than 10 euro on pet insurance every month. It also shows us that 35% of pet owners spend €11-20 euro on treats so why can't they spend that money on the wellbeing of their pet instead?  For example my own dog, Sam, has constant ear infections.  Last month I was told by the vet that he may have to get his ear canals removed in the future, which can cost over €1500. With pet insurance the cost would be lower and would cause less hassle. This shows that pet insurance can be beneficial for simple ear infections and not only major illnesses like cancers. 

Less Stress

Linking in with the cost of pet insurance, knowing the fact that you are covered for most pet illnesses, you don't have to be anxious about money or the health and wellbeing of your pet. You will be able to treat your pet without paying a large sum of money. With pet insurance, you are sure that your pet will be taken care of.


Pet insurance is generally easier to deal with emotionally and financially than not having any pet insurance. Rather than attempting to sort out an agreement on money issues with family members, which may cause tension, you are reassured that the problem is dealt with immediately. It is also easier to pay for pet insurance on a monthly basis and starts as a routine. Who wants to be asked for a bulk of their money, especially if it's to do with the life of an adored pet?

In conclusion, I believe that pet insurance is ideal for all pet owners. Pet insurance can be a cheaper, easier way to manage and reduces stress. All of these subjects go hand-in-hand with one another due to the fact that an easier and cheaper input causes less stress. Pet insurance is beneficial for both the pet owner and the pet.

What do you think about pet insurance now?

On behalf of Jane and the team at Allianz, we would like to thank Pete Wedderburn for his time and the Market Management team would like to extend a special thank you to Jane Kelly, it was a pleasure to have you with us for the week.

Angela Hickey
Allianz in-house vet and qualified psychotherapist.