Car Insurance for women


Since December 21st 2012, by law, insurers have not been allowed to use a person’s gender as a factor in determining their car insurance premium. This means that all insurance companies, including Allianz, must rate female and male drivers the same.

Prior to this, female drivers paid less for their car insurance because, as the statistics highlight, they have better safety records. According to the Provisional Review of Road Crashes 2014 conducted by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) 70% of fatalities in 2014 were male.

However, in 2012 the European Court of Justice found that the practice of charging women less for car insurance was in breach of gender equality. As a result gender equalisation legislation was introduced for insurance products.

Still Savings to be Made

This doesn’t mean that drivers cannot get good value for their car insurance. By shopping around for the most suitable policy and best price there are still savings to be made.

Traditionally women drivers were rewarded because insurance companies regarded them as safer drivers. Insurance companies do however still reward safe drivers! So if you have a clean licence with no penalty points and haven’t made a claim before – in many cases you can still benefit from lower premiums.

Other things you can do to lower your premium are reduce your mileage or increase your policy excess (The amount you will have to pay in the event of a claim). Purchasing your policy online will also usually entitle you money off – Allianz for example offer 20% off new car insurance policies when you buy online (Only available in year one)*.

Not All about Price

Price shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding which car insurance policy you choose. Insurance is there to cover you for unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. Insurers have a wide range of features and benefits to give you peace of mind and to cover you in the event of fire, theft or an accident. Allianz offer great quality, flexible cover car insurance with a range of features and benefits such as:

Breakdown assistance: The Allianz Breakdown Assistance service is an optional cover which complements our Claims Notification and Emergency Service. Please note that with our Emergency Service accident cover is only available as standard with our comprehensive policies.

Cover for personal effects and clothing: If you choose this optional cover we will pay you for loss of or damage to personal effects (Items normally worn or carried by you e.g. wallets, handbags, mobile phones, jewellery, hearing aids etc.) and clothing while in or on your car by fire or theft or by accidental means.

Courtesy Car: You are entitled to a courtesy car following an accident provided you go through Allianz Emergency Service. (Class A for 5 days)

Windscreen cover: Optional windscreen cover covers all glass in the car including sunroof but excluding mirrors and lights provided the claim is processed through our Aligned Repairer network.

No claims bonus protection: If you choose No claims bonus (NCB) protection we will not reduce your NCB unless, more than one claim occurs in any 3 year period. Windscreen will not impact Your No Claims Bonus. If you have comprehensive cover claims in respect of Fire, Theft.

The above benefits are subject to policy conditions and exclusions. Please refer to the Car Insurance Policy Document for full details.

Get the Cover that Suits You

Although insurers no longer offer female drivers cheaper premiums than male drivers by default, by shopping around and being able to demonstrate you are a safe driver you can still save money. Ensuring you have the right cover will give you peace of mind and could save you money in the long run in the event of a claim.

If you would like to know more give us a call on 01 448 48 48 and one of our customer service representatives will be delighted to help! Alternatively, you can get a car insurance quote online by clicking here.

Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. All car insurance policy features listed above are available to male as well as female drivers.

Information correct as at 14/7/2017. Calls may be recorded.

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