Allianz Safe Driver App FAQs

What is the Allianz Safe Driver App?

The Allianz Safe Driver App is a free Smartphone App which monitors your driving trips in order to score your driving behaviour. The driving score is within a range of 1-100. Your score increases when you drive safely and decreases when you drive less cautiously.

How Does It Work?

The App monitors driving behaviour and scores based on four driving factors:

  • Braking: frequent harsh braking increases the risk of accidents so avoid harsh braking. Your braking style contributes 35% to your overall driving score.
  • Acceleration: avoid harsh acceleration by driving with anticipation. Your acceleration style contributes 25% to your overall driving score.
  • Speeding: excessive speeding is a common cause of accidents. Exceeding the speed limit by 10km/h or driving faster than 130 km/h on a motorway leads to a negative rating. Respecting speed limits contributes 15% to your overall driving score.
  • When and where you drive influences your score. Day, time and type of road contribute 25% to your overall driving score.

What is a safe driver score?

The Allianz safe driver score is 80 or more.

How much does the App cost?

The Allianz Safe Driver App is free to download. It can only be used after you’ve registered your interest with Allianz so call us for details on how to sign up on 01 448 48 48. Calls may be recorded.

Can all phones download the Allianz Safe Driver App?

You will need an iPhone or an Android phone to download and run the App

How can I download the Allianz Safe Driver App?

The App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store but you need to contact us first so that we can send you the link, call us on 01 448 48 48 so that we can update your policy records and email you the link to the App. Calls may be recorded.

Do I need to start the App or sign into it at the start of every car journey?

No – you only need to register and sign in once; the App will run and keep you logged in automatically. 

Why isn’t my entire journey recorded?

Typically the entire journey is recorded. If the GPS connectivity to your mobile network is lost even for a short period of time then that part of the journey will not be recorded. Your overall driving behaviour can be determined even if 100% of the journey isn’t recorded.

Will my premium increase if I don’t achieve a safe driver score?

No - we won’t apply a premium increase if you do not achieve a safe driver score. Allianz reserves the right to refuse insurance cover for named drivers with an unsafe driver score i.e. a score of 30 or less.

Will Allianz cancel the policy if I exceed the speed limit?

No - Allianz wants to reward safe driving, driving above the speed limit is considered unsafe driving. Allianz reserves the right to refuse insurance cover for named drivers with an unsafe driver score of 30 or less.

Why am I unable to download the App?

The App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store but you need to contact us first. Please call us on 01 448 48 48 so that we can update your policy record and send you the link to the App. Once you’ve received this email, follow these steps

  1. Call Allianz so that we can update your policy record to enable you to download the App
  2. Download and install the Allianz Safe Driver App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  3. Select ‘Register’ on the first screen (located at the very bottom of the screen).
  4. On the next screen, enter your email address and select ‘Register’.
  5. Check your email inbox for a new email with your verification code and further instructions.
  6. Enter your verification code and name
  7. Enter a password in the required format i.e. at least 8 characters long, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a numeric character and one of the following special characters @ # $ % ! +
  8. Select and read the terms and conditions and hit ‘Accept’
  9. Select and read the data privacy declaration and hit ‘Accept’
  10. Select ‘Submit’
  11. Check your inbox for a new email with your activation code and further instructions.
  12. Enter your activation code and select ‘Submit’
  13. If instructed, change your phone settings to allow GPS, background updates and push notifications.

Will the App drain my battery?

Running any App consumes battery power. The Allianz Safe Driver App uses GPS and as such your battery may drain quicker than normal. Using a car phone charger is a convenient way to stay powered up.

What if I have a problem with the App?

If you’re having difficulties using the App or require any further information, please let us know by selecting the Feedback option within the App or email us at


What phone settings are required in order to record my driving journeys?

You must install the App on your phone in the first instance and your phone requires the following to be switched on in settings:

  • Location access
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi

Trips will only be recorded when flight mode is switched off.

What happens if I receive a phone call during a journey?

The App continues to record your journey while you deal with a phone call. Please remember it is an offence under the Road Traffic Acts to hold your mobile phone while driving. You should use appropriate equipment at all times e.g. Bluetooth or hands-free.

What if I’m a passenger and not the driver?

Various measures are used to help determine when you’re driving and when you’re a passenger. If a trip is inaccurately recorded you can correct this by selecting the specific journey and modify it by selecting the relevant mode of transport e.g. passenger, train, bus. 

What can I do to improve my score?

Drive sensibly to suit the conditions of the road; drive at the appropriate speed in order to anticipate junctions, turns and what other road users might do. You can achieve a higher score if you avoid speeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration:

  • Avoid braking hard - sometimes it can’t be helped but gentle braking shows good anticipation of traffic flows.
  • Avoid harsh acceleration. 
  • Drive within the posted speed limits - besides being unsafe and illegal, driving above the speed limit will be detrimental to your score.
  • Drive in pace with other traffic. Leave adequate distance between you and the vehicle in front to provide you with more time to react to changing conditions.
  • Drive safely and in accordance with the rules of the road. Research has shown that driving well is synonymous with driving safely. Being a safe driver will increase your driving score.

Is there a tracking facility within the App to find my car if it’s stolen?

A ‘Find My Car’ tracking facility is not currently available within the App.

How long is my data retained for?

The data provided to us and the data collected by the App will be kept by Allianz for up to six years after the car insurance policy is concluded in line with what is permitted by law.

How secure is my data?

At Allianz Plc. we understand how important the security and confidentiality of your information is. Keeping customer information secure is a top priority for us. Accordingly, we ensure your personal information is safeguarded during transmission, processing, storage and access. Allianz strives to protect your information from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure and employs a variety of physical and technical measures backed by policies and procedures designed to protect our systems and your personal information.

User Responsibilities:

Users are reminded they are solely responsible for maintaining the security of systems or devices used to access Allianz applications and the secrecy of any associated login credentials which may be used to facilitate personalised access. Allianz cannot guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of information submitted or accessed from unsecure user devices or passing over intermediate systems on the public Internet.

What happens to my data and who can view it?

The App records your data whilst you’re driving and after each journey the App uses Wi-Fi (if available and set) or mobile data connections (if configured) to automatically and seamlessly upload the cumulative encrypted data to our secure Allianz telematics platform for processing. The data is stored on our secure servers. A few minutes after the end of your journey, you can check your travel information on your mobile device. Allianz can also see your overall driving score.

  • For all data to be safe and secure, we have taken various precautions including:
  • We adhere to data protection regulations for data collection and storage.
  • We separate the customer data from the driving data.
  • Travel data is processed by our internal service provider, who is also subject to strict data protection regulations. The GPS co-ordinates is the only personal data that is included and driving data is anonymous.
  • For all traffic, we use certified encryption that meets the highest security standards.
  • Each customer sees only his\her own data.

How much phone data will the App use?

The App uses your mobile data connection to transfer the driving trip data. Typically, the data does not transfer until a Wi-Fi connection is established as the default setting in the App is ‘transfer with Wi-Fi only’. If the option ‘transfer with Wi-Fi only’ is not activated, then the transfer of the data takes place immediately after the completion of a trip. The estimated monthly data volume depends on vehicle usage and how often your Smartphone is connected to a wireless network to upload trip data. For example, if you drive 30 minutes per day and 10 days per month, the transmitted data is about 1MB per month. The current volume of data sent is approximately 3.5KB per minute.

If you are concerned about your data tariff, set it so that the data is transferred only via Wi-Fi (selectable in the ‘Setting’ menu item) to ensure the trips are captured and automatically uploaded when the Smartphone is in a Wi-Fi zone. Please note that this applies only to the upload of the driving data. All further actions still require the mobile data connection and may incur additional costs depending on your mobile network contract. You should contact your network service provider for the details of these charges.

The App also records abroad and transmits data so to avoid possible roaming costs during the data transmission ensure the option ‘transfer only with Wi-Fi connection’ is activated.