Young Drivers Car Insurance 

At Allianz, we know that getting insurance as a young driver can be a little tricky, not to mention expensive. But all is not lost. At Allianz, we’re happy to insure young and new drivers. In fact, we recently reduced rates for young drivers to help get drivers like you on the road quickly and easily.

So what are you waiting for? Get 20% off your online quote*.

*Minimum premium of €284 applies.

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Getting insurance in your own name

Becoming a named driver on a parent/guardian or family members policy may seem like an easy and economical way to get on the road as a first-time driver. But having your own car and your own insurance policy will benefit you in the long run. Building up a no claims bonus with us, will stand to you when you go to renew your policy each year. 

Becoming a named driver with Allianz

Once you are 17 years or older and hold a valid learner permit or driving licence, you can ask your parent/guardian, family member or friend to add you as a named driver on their Allianz car insurance policy.*

Their insurance premium will increase, but it can be a good way to increase your driving experience. 

* If the policy holder is in their first year of insurance and you are under 25, you can only be added to your parent / legal guardians insurance policy as a named driver.

What can I do to reduce my premium?

There are different factors that determine the cost of your premium such as, your age, occupation, where you live, where you park your car, the type and age of car you drive and if you have your full licence yet. Unfortunately, for the time being a lot of these are out of your control but there are some things you can do to help!

Type of Car

Young first time drivers should go for a small engine car such as a 1 litre, as these are usually cheaper to insure. Ideally, you should avoid high performance cars / GTI’s and keep the BHB (break horse power) as low as possible. 

Older cars are more expensive to insure, however, brand new cars are also quite expensive to insure due to the cost of parts and repairs. You should try find a car somewhere in the middle for the first year or two that you are on the road!

Take your driving test 

To reduce the costs associated with insurance for new drivers, the best thing you can do is pass your driving test as soon as possible. It is more expensive to insure learner drivers but your car insurance premium will get cheaper the longer you hold a full licence. 

Safe Driving

Safe driving will also help lower your premium, especially when you build up your no claims bonus. The more years you have with no insurance claims, the cheaper your car insurance premium will become, up to a point.

Most insures have a maximum discount when it comes to offering a no claims bonus. Contact us on 01 448 48 48 and we’ll help you get up and running with your first car insurance policy. Alternatively, you can get a car insurance quote online by clicking here

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