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Frequently asked questions


Yes we are! Allianz have implemented measures to protect its employees and to help minimise the spread of the virus. These alternative working arrangements may result in some delays in responding to enquiries and we apologise for this. 

As one of Ireland’s leading insurers, we can reassure you that our dedicated teams will do their very best to respond to calls and emails as quickly as possible.

Firstly, don’t worry. We would like to reassure you that if you are unable to get in touch with us in advance of your car, home, pet, taxi, commercial vehicle or pleasure craft renewal date, we will maintain cover for up to 28 days to give you additional time to contact us.

We also have alternative ways for you to renew with us. If you are registered for MyAllianz, then you can renew your policy by simply logging into your MyAllianz account. Alternatively, if you are not registered for MyAllianz, you can renew your policy online here.

We cover home office equipment as standard under our contents cover up to a max of €4,000 in any one policy year. This would include computers, laptops and printers.

There is no need to contact us to let us know you are working from home as your home office equipment is covered as explained above.

And don’t worry, if the company you work for has provided you with a computer or laptop, they can be covered also. 

Until the 31st May 2021, Allianz are providing accidental damage cover for home office equipment at no extra charge if you don’t already have this cover, usually an additional premium would apply for this cover. This means that between 20th March 2020 and 31st May 2021, if you accidentally damage your home office equipment, it may be covered by your home insurance. Please note, if you claim for damage to your computer or laptop it may affect your renewal premium.

If the company you work for has provided you with a computer or laptop to work from home and you need to make a claim for damage to it, we will request a letter from your company confirming that you are legally responsible for the computer or laptop and that the company will not be paying the cost of replacing it.

For information regarding making a claim for Car, Home or Pet insurance please visit the relevant page below.

Car Insurance Claims Information

Home Insurance Claims Information

Pet Insurance Claims Information

We’ve implemented measures to protect our employees and to help minimise the spread of the virus. As a result many of our staff are now working from home and the reception area at Elm Park is currently closed. Please call us on 01 448 48 48 Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm or on Saturdays from 9am -1pm and we can help you with your query over the phone.

FAQs about Refund

We will refund our motor insurance customers in the Republic of Ireland. We are providing a €30 refund on every private motor, van and taxi insurance policy on cover with us on the 23rd April 2020. The overall refund totals approximately €9 million to 300,000 customers.
We recognise that you cannot use your vehicle normally due to the current Covid-19 restrictions and that this is leading to lower claims volumes for us. We want to play our part and return a proportion of premiums to you, which would have otherwise been used to pay claims.
All private car, van, and taxi customers will get this refund as long as your cover was active on the 23rd of April 2020.
This refund will be made to you over the coming months. You do not need to do anything, but we do ask for patience as we work through processing these large numbers of payments which we expect may take up to two months.
We will be returning €30 per policy to each private motor, individual van and taxi customer.
For those who pay by direct debit, we will credit your account by Electronic Fund Transfer. If you have paid your full premium to us by card in the last 6 months and that card is still active we will credit this money back to that card.  Where we do not have those details, we will issue the refund by cheque to you at the correspondence address we have. 
No – your policy terms and conditions remain unaffected and you remain insured. So you can continue to use your vehicle where it is appropriate to do so and can enjoy the benefits, claims and assistance services included in your Allianz policy.  This refund will not affect your no claims bonus.
Refunds will be made to you over the coming months, but it may take us up to 8 weeks from now to complete the process.  We appreciate your patience as we work through this.
The total refunds will amount to approximately €9 million excluding the costs of administering this initiative.
Yes, taxi drivers and individual commercial van customers are included in this initiative. We have alternative measures in place for our fleet customers.
Yes, you will still be entitled to this refund.
Yes, you will still be entitled to this refund

We’ve taken the step to refund approximately €9 million based on our best estimate of the amount we would save compared to claims that would otherwise have been made. In calculating our refund amount, we didn’t anticipate a return to business as usual in May. 

It’s too soon to say what will happen if the lockdown continues, and we don’t know how long it will continue and in what format. However, Allianz has always been committed to doing the right thing for our customers and we do not intend to benefit from reduced driving due to this lockdown. We also want to further reward our customers who choose to renew or join Allianz and will continue to reflect ongoing changes to claims costs in our prices.

The refund was calculated by estimating the expected reduction in claims costs based on the reduced frequency of claims that we have been observing during the Covid-19 period. We looked at how that would impact the premium that a customer should pay during this period. We converted this into a monetary refund amount based on the average premium of our customers and the period that we expect the reduction in claims.
We wanted to make this fair and considered a number of options including this. We believe this to be the best solution to give something back to our customers as soon as we could, while making sure all customers had an equal share in the savings made from the expected reduction in claims. Coronavirus has changed our daily lives; key workers still need to drive to work, people still need to drive to the supermarket and some people aren't driving at all. We're all in this together and wanted to give our customers an equal share of these savings.  A flat sum of money was the simplest and quickest way to get money back to our customers.
Yes, a refund of €30 will be made for every Allianz private car, van, or individual taxi policy on cover with us as of the 23rd April 2020.
No – we would  love for you to continue with us as your motor insurer but we will issue this refund regardless of your decision to renew, as long as cover was in place with us on April 23rd 2020.
Yes, we are refunding all our private motor, van and taxi customers whether insured with us directly or through a broker. 
Allianz has to date introduced over 22 measures to help our personal and business customers. Some of these range from extending home insurance policies to cover remote workers, enhanced coverage for our healthcare workers, enabling pet owners to claim boarding fees for pets should they need to go to hospital or self-isolate, extending emergency home assistance as a standard benefit on all of our home insurance policies, as well as extending insurance to help cafes and restaurants offer takeaway options for customers.
Yes, the €30 refund includes the return of government levy.

Business Interruption Claims

As an Allianz customer, you may have questions regarding your Business Interruption cover in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on your business. At Allianz Ireland we pride ourselves on our claims service and have a dedicated team ready to deal with your claim.
To make a new claim just call 01 613 3990 Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and one of our experienced claims advisors will be there to help or you can email your claim notification to propertydamage@allianz.ie Alternatively, you can contact your Insurance Broker directly. 
Generally we do not require a claim form. We will take all the relevant details over the phone or by email and we will request documentation to support your claim.
The question of whether or not your policy has cover for your Business Interruption claim is determined by the terms and conditions set out in your policy documentation and policy schedule.
We need to know about your claim as soon as possible; this helps us to help you immediately. We will consider any extenuating circumstances of failing to notify us immediately of your claim.
It is important that you send in the required documentation promptly to avoid any delays in assessing your claim. In some cases we may have to appoint a Loss Adjuster to meet with you and discuss your claim on our behalf; there is no charge to you for this service.
A Loss Adjuster is a claims expert appointed by Allianz to investigate and handle your claim on behalf of Allianz. The Loss Adjuster is there to help you so please do not hesitate to contact them with your queries. Should your claim require a Loss Adjuster, a contact number will be provided to you by the claims handler for the Loss Adjusting Firm that Allianz have appointed.
If Allianz have appointed a Loss Adjuster they should be in contact with you within one working day to arrange an appointment. 
If a Loss Adjuster has been appointed on your claim, they handle everything on behalf of Allianz; therefore any queries should be directed to the Loss Adjuster. If no Loss Adjuster has been appointed on your claim you can contact 01 613 3990
Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and one of our experienced claims advisors will be there to assist you with your query or you can email your query to propertydamage@allianz.ie and we will send a response to you.