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Horse & Rider Cover Information

Horse & Rider Insurance Cover

You can tailor the product to best suit your needs by choosing some or all of the cover options listed below. You can also choose excess amounts for some of the cover options as is also detailed below. Terms and conditions apply.

Death from illness or injury
We will refund up to the sum insured in the event of death or euthanasia   
Up to the value of the horse€200 or €750
Theft or Straying
If your horse is not found, despite all efforts, we will pay up to the sum insured
Up to the value of the horse€200 or €750
Advertising and Reward  
Pays towards the costs of advertising and of offering a reward, should your horse get lost, go missing or be stolen
Disposal of the Horse    
Pays towards the costs of removal following death or euthanasia
€1,000  Nil   
Third Party Liability 
Pays up to the maximum benefit should you be held legally liable for damage or injury caused by the rider or insured horse   
Up to €3 MillionNil
Saddlery and Tack 
Pays towards the cost of repair or replacement of saddlery and tack, if damaged or stolen
Up to €2,000  €200 or €750
Veterinary Fees 
Pays the cost of treatment for illness or injury
€5,000 or €7,500 €200 or €750
Emergency Veterinary Fees
Pays the cost of treatment in the event of an accident
€2,000    €200 or €750
Permanent Loss of Use of the Horse
Pays up to the sum insured if your horse is unable to take part in an insured activity arising out of injury or illness
Up to the value of the horse€200 or €750
Rider Personal Accident  & Dental
Pays towards the costs arising out of rider injury
€10,000 or €20,000€200
Horse Trailer/Horse Drawn Vehicle 
Cover for loss, theft or damage of horse trailer or horse-drawn vehicle
Up to €8,000€200

Cover for illness only begins after the first 14 days of your first policy year or the first 14 days after illness related covers were added to your policy.

Please note: the above information does not reference all of the benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions associated with the Policy. Please take time to read our Horse & Rider InsurancePolicy Document and to ensure that you understand the cover provided.

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