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Minimum premium buildings €106.05, minimum premium contents €86.10 applies.

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Your benefits

Landlord liability - Indemnification against all sums which you become legally liable to pay, limited to €3,175,000
Cover for a wide variety of tenancy types
Loss of rent up to 15% of combined Building Sum Insured & Contents Sum Insured if a buy-to-let property is uninhabitable following an insured loss

All landlords require buy-to-let insurance for their properties. From the landlord who owns a single property, to the entrepreneur who controls a large portfolio of property, Allianz are here to meet your needs.

We have many years experience of directly insuring buy-to-let and investment properties. Our policies ensure that your investments and your liability as a landlord are insured by quality products.

Please note: The Landlord Insurance / Household Insurance Policy document is available at the bottom of the page for you to download.

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Please note: Minimum premium buildings €106.05, contents €86.10, all risks €12.60.

Please note: the above information does not reference all of the benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions associated with the Policy. Please take time to read our Home Insurance Policy Document and to ensure that you understand the cover provided.

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