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Marine & Aviation Insurance

Our policies provide extensive insurance options and our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace enables us to provide tailored cover options to meet each client's unique requirements, at a competitive price. Highlights of the many benefits of our Marine and Aviation proposition are noted below.

Hull Insurance

Within the hull portfolio Allianz offers hull, machinery and equipment cover and Third Party Liability for all types of vessels including:

  • Coasters
  • Allianz Trawlers
  • Allianz Ferries
  • Allianz Angling Vessels
  • Allianz Marinas

Policy Summary - Commercial Hull

Policy Summary - Commercial Hull Liability

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides cover to goods owners who have property in transit, or in storage in the course of transit. With Allianz export/import cover, policyholders have peace of mind, knowing that transits where their goods are at risk are covered under the policy. Our cover includes:

  • All Risks as per Institute Cargo Clauses (A)
  • Allianz War risks
  • Allianz Strikes, riots and civil commotions
  • Allianz Annual block policy
  • Allianz One off single shipments
  • Allianz Loading and unloading risks

Policy Summary - Cargo Goods

Freight Insurance

Allianz's transit insurance solutions include a policy for marine cargo liability. Our cover includes:

  • Carrier's liability
  • Allianz Freight forwarders liability
  • Allianz Warehousekeeper's liability
  • Allianz Stevedore's liability
  • Allianz Professional indemnity insurance
  • Allianz Mobile unwheeled equipment, containers and tanks
  • Allianz Trailer cover on selected basis

Policy Summary - Cargo Liability

Pleasure Craft Insurance

Allianz pleasure craft insurance provides clients with great cover at a competitive price. Our policies can provide cover for:

  • Storm, accident, fire & theft, attempted theft and vandalism
  • Allianz Personal injury to another person or passengers
  • Allianz Accidental Damage to other property
  • Allianz Personal accident cover
  • Allianz Racing risks cover
  • Allianz Water skiing cover

Policy Summary - Pleasure Craft

Additional Benefits

  • Premium reductions available for persons holding accredited qualifications
  • Premium reduction available if you berth in a marina

We also offer cover and Third Party Liability for:

  • Sailing/Canoe/Rowing Clubs
  • Adventure centers'
  • Regattas
  • Training centers'

Aviation Insurance

Allianz is the only Irish based provider of aviation insurance and provides insurance cover for all aviation related risks.

  • Hull, liability and personal accident risks for aircraft and helicopters (including war risks cover in respect of liabilities).
  • Allianz General aviation liability for contractors operating airside
  • Allianz Liability cover for airports, airstrips and helipads

Policy Summary - Aircraft Hull and Liability

Policy Summary - Airport Owners and Operators Liability

Policy Summary - Airside Legal Liability

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