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Policy Summary

This document outlines the main benefits and restrictions associated with an Allianz large Fleet Policy. It does not list all of the benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions associated with the Policy. Please take time to read the Policy and your Schedule to ensure that you understand the cover provided by the Policy. A copy of the Policy is available from the Company or your Insurance Intermediary on request.

Some covers are optional and will only apply is you have specifically selected them - the quotation or policy schedule will have details of the sections selected.

You should review and update your cover periodically to ensure it remains adequate.

Main Policy Benefits/Features

  • Open driving with no age restrictions
  • Annual declaration of vehicles

Summary of Cover Available

(i) Third Party Only - Legal liability to other persons for personal injury and damage to property in certain defined circumstances.

(ii) Third Party Fire and Theft - In addition to (i) above, loss or damage to insured vehicle caused by fire/theft or attempted theft.

(iii) Comprehensive - In addition to (i), (ii) above, repair to insured vehicle following accidental damage.

Principal Extensions

Cover Includes

  • Third Party Personal Injuries - unlimited
  • Third Party Damage - €635,000 limit for commercial vehicles (Higher limits available), €30,000,000 for private cars
  • Passenger Liability - unlimited
  • Passenger Negligence
  • Full policy cover for private car in EU and other designated countries
  • Trailer cover - one attached trailer
  • Reasonable cost of removal / protection / return of damaged vehicle
  • Legal Charges
  • Medical Expenses
  • Third Party working risk

Principal Exclusions

  • Cover Excludes
  • Excess - variable
  • Wear and tear, mechanical, electrical, electronic breakdown or failure contractual liability
  • Underwheel damage

Please Note

These products are only available with Allianz via an authorised insurance intermediary, they are not offered on a direct basis.

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