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Frost Protection

In recent years, many Schools have suffered loss or damage to their premises and contents due to freezing temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

In recent years, many Schools have suffered loss or damage to their premises and contents due to freezing temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

The Christmas holiday periods of 2009 and 2010 were characterised by two large significant weather events which led to severe losses to many Schools throughout the island of Ireland. The long term weather forecast indicates that further severe periods of weather could become the norm in this country in the years ahead.

In many cases the losses experienced could be prevented or reduced by the implementation of good maintenance and cost effective loss prevention measures. To assist you with this process we have outlined the specific steps which need to be taken to adequately protect your School from these losses in the future.

For further information on how to protect your school property, please reder to the brochure at the bottom of this page.

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Risk Management - Weather Advice

It is important to remember that very often the most significant losses/damage occurs or manifests itself as the thaw sets in. To help Schools minimise any damage occurring the following precautions should be taken.

1. Schools Closed during a Freeze

If your School has been closed/vacant following a freeze you should immediately check to establish if your water supply is operating normally - if your supply is disrupted it probably indicates that your pipes have frozen and the following action should be implemented immediately

(a) Contact your Plumber and advise them of the situation

(b) Isolate the water supply from the mains to prevent additional water entering the system

(c) Turn on your taps (ensuring that sinks etc are not blocked) so that water runs off naturally once the thaw sets in - remember turning on your taps is only appropriate where you have already identified that your pipes have frozen it is not recommended as a method of preventing the occurrence of frozen pipes - taps must be turned off once any leak identified has been repaired or stemmed.

(d) If your water supply is not interrupted follow the precautions in 2. below.

2. Schools Open during a Freeze

If your School rmanages to remain open during a freeze your exposure to burst pipes will be reduced but not eliminated and the following precautions are advised

(a) Check your water supply to ensure it is not interrupted, if it is adopt the steps outlined in 1. above

(b) Carry out inspections of all classrooms, halls, offices etc with particular emphasis on ceilings to establish if there are any signs of dampness or water ingress which was not previously evident.

(c) If possible (to do safely) inspect attic spaces/roofs to check for any evidence of water leakage arising from damage to pipes or tanks

In either case 1. or 2. above it is important to have your premises checked after a freeze to ensure early intervention should a burst pipe manifest itself as a thaw takes hold

Where you identify any damage or potential damage from a freeze contact the Allianz Claims Dept on 1850 77 77 99 or your local Allianz representative immediately with a note of your Policy Number and they will provide you with assistance

Protecting your School from Weather related losses

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