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The cover provided under each Section of the Custodian School Protection Policy is outlined briefly below.

Note : This section is only intended as a guide to better understanding of your Policy and of the actions that you must take in various situations. You must refer to your Policy Document and Schedule of Insurance for precise details of your cover and all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions applicable to it.

Please click on any heading to see Frequently Asked Questions and answers relating to that section of the policy. Separate headings are also provided for FAQs relating specifically to Supervision and to the Liability of Teachers.


Section 1 - Property Damage

The cover provided for property by the Policy is expressed in three lines and qualified by the limitations and exclusions:

"If during the Period of Insurance School Property is lost stolen or accidentally or maliciously destroyed or damaged the Company will pay the amount of the loss or damage or at its option repair reinstate or replace such School Property as specified in Section Condition 2".


Section 5 - Indemnity to Management

This section of the Custodian School Protection Policy covers the legal liability of the School in relation to Professional Indemnity, Employment Practices Liability and Fidelity Guarantee:

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Section 2 - Consequential Loss

The cover provided in the Property Damage section of the Policy protects the Board of Management in respect of material loss or damage which can occur. However, if as a result of loss or damage insured under that Section to any of the buildings normal duties and activities cannot be carried on, increased costs can accrue or loss of revenue may result.


Section 6 - Legal Expenses

Covers legal costs which may be incurred in relation to Pursuit or Defence of legal proceedings in certain clearly defined circumstances.

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Section 3 - Money

Every individual, business, and organisation handles cash and a school is no exception. Section 3 of the policy covers money belonging to or in the care of the school.



Liability of Teachers

Many of the liabilities relevant to the Board of Management are equally applicable to teachers. Many claims, however, arise where responsibility rests almost solely with the teaching staff and it is pertinent to add some comments which have particular relevance to them.

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Section 4 - General Liability

This section of the Policy covers the legal liability of the Board of Management under two principal headings:

  • Employers’ Liability
  • Public Liability


Supervision of pupils is by far the most difficult challenge facing schools and teachers and, it has to be said, is the single largest source of claims.


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