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Ride-on Lawnmower Insurance

Many schools have purchased “ride-on” mowers for use in maintaining lawns, playing fields and large grassed areas. While these mowers are used primarily on private property, they fall within the definition of mechanically propelled vehicles under the Road Traffic Act. Consequently the owner is legally required to effect motor insurance for any “ride-on” mower which is used in an area deemed to constitute a public place as defined in the Road Traffic Act. 

Under the Road Traffic Act a public place means:          

(a)any public road, and
(b)    any street, road or other place to which the public have access with vehicles whether as of right or by permission and whether subject to or free of charge.

The fact that these vehicles may not need to be taxed does not exempt the owners from their obligations under the Road Traffic Act.

The Custodian School Protection policy specifically excludes liability which is compulsorily insurable in accordance with any Road Traffic Act(s).

We therefore would advise any school in possession of such mowers to take out the appropriate cover. There is always the risk that somebody will be injured or property damaged as a result of a flying stone or the remote risk of an accident being caused whilst the vehicle is being driven from one area to another.

Completion of a proposal form is necessary in order for cover to be arranged. Please see below for an application form, then please complete and return to our office at Allianz, Allianz House, Elm Park, Merrion Road, Dublin 4.


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