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Policy Summary

This document outlines the main benefits and restrictions associated with an Allianz Social Combined Policy. It does not list all of the benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions associated with the Policy, a copy of which is available from the Company or your Insurance Intermediary on request. Some covers are optional and will only apply if you have specifically selected them - the quotation or policy schedule will have details of the sections selected.

Please take time to read the Policy and your Schedule to ensure that you understand the cover provided.

You should review and update your cover periodically to ensure it remains.

Material Damage Section

Cover for Damage to buildings, machinery, fixtures and fittings and stock resulting from one of the following Perils -

  • Fire, Lightning and Explosion
  • Aircraft
  • Riot, Civil Commotion or malicious damage
  • Earthquake
  • Subterranean fire
  • Storm or Flood
  • Escape of Water from tanks, apparatus or pipes
  • Impact by vehicles or animals
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Theft or attempted theft following forcible or violent entry to or exit from the Premises
  • Accidental Damage
  • Option to include Subsidence

Principal Extensions

Cover includes:

  • automatic cover for alterations, additions and improvements up to 10% of the sum insured on such property insured or €320,000 whichever is less.
  • public authorities - the additional costs incurred in the rebuilding or repair of the property to a standard required by the authorities.
  • reinstatement of the amount of any loss.
  • removal of debris costs - the cost of removal of debris of the damaged property insured.
  • temporary removal of deeds, documents and computer systems records.
  • index linked sums insured on buildings
  • the cost of alternative accommodation required as a result of damage by an insured defined peril up to a limit of 25% of the building sum insured

Employers Liability Section

Cover for legal liability for bodily injury to an employee caused during the period of insurance in connection with your business.

Limits of Indemnity up to €13m (any one claim) are available.

Principal Extensions

Cover includes the legal liability:

  • of anyone for whom you are carrying out work under contract.
  • of partners, directors or employees.
  • for health and safety at work legal defence costs.
  • for temporary contracts overseas.

Principal Exclusions

Cover excludes:

  • injury caused by a vehicle for which motor insurance is required by law.

Public Liability Section

Cover for legal liability for accidental injury or accidental damage to property (not owned by you) occurring during the period of insurance in connection with your business.

Limits of Indemnity from €2.6m to €13m (any one claim) are available for most trades.

Principal Extensions

Cover includes the legal liability:

  • of anyone for whom you are carrying out work under contract,
  • of partners, directors or employees,
  • for health and safety at work legal defence costs.
  • of a joint insured - if more than one party is named as insured the policy will cover them separately subject to the limit of indemnity.

Principal Exclusions

Cover excludes:

  • loss of or damage to your own property or property in your custody or control.
  • liability arising from any vehicle or trailer where motor insurance is required by law (other than loading or unloading)
  • injury to any employee.
  • fines, penalties, punitive, liquidated or exemplary damages.
  • arising from any product (other than food or drink served on the business premises).
  • liability arising from asbestos

Legal Expenses Section

Covers legal expenses of the Insured for employment disputes, legal defence, contract disputes, property protection and bodily injury, tax protection.

Principal Exclusions

Cover excludes

  • any claim reported more than 180 days after the date the Insured should have known about the insured incident.
  • cost and expenses incurred before the Insurer accepts the claim in writing.
  • fines and penalties which the insured is ordered to pay by a court or appropriate authority other than those as a result of an employment compensation award.
  • any incident deliberately caused by the insured person.

Principal General Exclusions (applicable to all sections of the Policy)

No cover for:

  • war/terrorism or damage as a result of nuclear accident.
  • damage due to pollution or contamination.
  • any fraudulent, criminal, wilful or dishonest act by the insured or their representatives.
  • the excess - refer to Policy Schedule.
  • loss due to failure in recognising any date as its true calendar date.

Please Note

These products are only available with Allianz via an authorised insurance intermediary, they are not offered on a direct basis.

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