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Computer and Electronics Insurance

Computer Insurance

The Computer Policy is designed to insure computer equipment whether it be a stand alone personal computer, networked system or mainframe installation.

Cover (in addition, customer records can be insured, for both the cost of replacing software and re-inputting any lost data.) is available for loss or damage to Computer Equipment on an All Risks reinstatement basis.Cover provided by this policy will help to prevent or reduce the interruption to the business.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

The Electronic Equipment Policy is aimed at a wider range of equipment.

This policy provides cover for damage on an All Risks basis or liability under the terms of a hiring agreement, should the equipment ('equipment' - includes radio and television studio recoding and broadcasting equipment, security systems, medical equipment, telephone exchanges or mobile telephone ground stations) suffer loss or damage.

Please Note

These products are only available with Allianz via an authorised insurance intermediary, they are not offered on a direct basis.

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