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Plant and machinery insurance solutions

The Machinery Options Policy

It allows customers to choose which items of plant and machinery they want to insure and select the cover that is most appropriate. The widest level of cover is Sudden and Unforeseen Damage. This can be written on a blanket basis and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Cover can be extended to include Damage to Own Surrounding Property as a result of explosion of Pressure Plant. Pressure Plant and any other plant less than two years old is on a reinstatement basis. Otherwise settlement is an indemnity basis.

The Contractors Plant Policy

Cover for constructional plant, whether owned or hired, can be arranged within an Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft Policy. This can be written on a specified plant basis or on a declaration basis.

Inspection Services

Placing plant and machinery under close scrutiny

Examinations are an important part of meeting statutory, regulatory and operational requirements.

We are committed to the delivery of an inspection service which is second to none. Placing plant and machinery under the close scrutiny of our Engineer Surveyors ensures that equipment is fit for use.

By working in partnership with us, customers will receive examinations carried out by a team of experienced and technically expert Engineer Surveyors. Each Engineer Surveyor, a specialist in their discipline, whether it be lift and crane, pressure, electrical, power press, or local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is based across Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands.

Please Note

These products are only available with Allianz via an authorised insurance intermediary, they are not offered on a direct basis.

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