Boat insurance cover details

Our great quality boat insurance product provides you with cover for a range of circumstances*.

Protection For You & Your Passenger

 You are automatically covered for up to €3,000,000 if you cause personal injury to another person or your passengers for which you are liable. This limit can be increased subject to an additional premium.

 You are automatically covered for up to €3,000,000 should you accidentally cause damage to other property such as another boat or a marina.
 You are covered for up to €10,000 for personal accident.* (Please view our Policy Document for further information)*

Protection for your boat if damaged by:

Attempted theft
Malicious damage
Experienced claims handling service, based in Ireland, means that whatever happens* to your boat we'll see to it that you're quickly afloat again. We can also settle directly with repairers if you want us to.
More and more marinas are requesting evidence of adequate insurance, as an Allianz Customer you can be confident of the cover we offer. Plus we'll even give a premium reduction if your regular berth is in a marina. Claims resulting from an insured loss whilst moored at a marina berth will not incur a loss of no claims bonus or premium loading.
Choosing Premium Protection cover ensures an accident doesn't have to be a disaster. With our premium protection cover, in any consecutive three year renewal period, you can have one unlimited claim without any impact on your premium. In addition, any fire or theft claim, will not impact your premium. With peace of mind guaranteed, insuring your boat is plain sailing with Allianz Pleasure Craft Insurance.
Please note: the above information does not reference all of the benefits, terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions associated with the Policy. Please take time to read our Boat Insurance Policy Document and to ensure that you understand the cover we provide.