Boat insurance FAQs

Find answers to most frequently asked questions about Boat Insurance.
Please note: Our boat insurance policy document is available at the bottom of the page for you to download.

We do not cover the following vessels:

  • Catamarans, Trimaran and all other multihulled Vessels
  • Jet Skis
  • Non production / One off design vessels
  • Vessels with hull constructed from carbon fibre or scrimp
  • Carbon Fibre Vessel
  • Kite Surfers
  • Land Yachts
  • Houseboats
  • Sigma 38
  • Corbys
  • IMX 38
  • Malges
  • Ferro Cement Hull
  • Rowing boats

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive.

An owner is someone with a financial interest in the boat. If there is more than one owner, we need to have each
owner's name and address listed on the policy. If there is ever a claim, the payment would be payable to all the
insured parties.
The boat must not be in the water overnight between 1st November and 31st March unless it is moored in a purpose
built marina. If the boat is a dinghy then it must be laid up ashore after use.
Yes, provided it is kept in a safe place.

We offer 14 different optional cruising ranges for your vessel.

Please refer to the dummy Policy Document to view the various options (Page 17-19). Please note when selecting a cruising
range that extends beyond inland waterways and coastal waters of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, it
may have an impact on the premium, excess and cover provided.

Cover is provided within the agreed cruising range. You will need to contact us if you wish to extend your cruising
range as this is not automatically covered and this may have an impact of the premium, excess and cover provided.
You will also need to advise us if you want to permanently base the vessel outside of the Republic of Ireland or
Northern Ireland.
For vessels over 26 knots it is a requirement that the insured has a powerboat handling cert or at least 3 years
experience with fast craft (vessels with maximum designed speed in excess of 17 knots).
A marina is a specially designed harbour with moorings for pleasure yachts and small boats.
A survey is an independent evaluation of a boats watercrafts value and condition by a professional marine surveyor.
Our 24-hour boat insurance 24 hour emergency advice line 1890 77 99 99 (Call operator charges may vary) is always
there to advise you if you run into trouble, and offers peace of mind at difficult times.
The boat is covered while being privately trailed within the jurisdiction of the Cruising Range noted on the Policy
Schedule but it excludes any Road Traffic liability.
Not as part of the standard cover. Waterskiing, wakeboarding and towing rings can be covered by extension for an
additional premium. Cover is not provided for the towing of bananas, parascending or similar.
Not as part of the standard cover unless the vessel is a sailing dinghy. Racing risks for other sailing boats can be an
extension for an additional premium.
For boats with a maximum designed speed of up to 17 knots the driver must have your permission and not be under
12 years of age. For boats with maximum designed speed of over 17 knots the driver must have your permission, not
be under 16 years of age and must have a powerboat handling cert or at least 3 years experience with fast craft
(vessels with maximum designed speed in excess of 17 knots).

An excess is the first amount of any loss that you are responsible for in the event of making a claim. This amount is
deducted from the total claim settlement figure. The only exception is in relation to claims for total or constructive total loss
of the boat or liabilities to third parties.

Our standard pleasure craft excesses are €200, €350, or €700. However, this may vary depending on the type of loss or
type of policy. Please refer to your schedule of insurance, policy booklet, or contact us directly if you wish to query this

Yes, policy cover can be changed (i.e. cruising range, racing risk, sums insured etc.) An additional premium or return
premium may be charged.
Cover is provided for private pleasure use only.
Only if it is specified on the policy and it has an anti-theft device fitted.
You must take all reasonable steps to prevent further loss or damage from occurring. This includes having engines
flushed through immediately after a sinking incident and immediately putting dehumidifiers into the internal areas of
your boat which have been affected by a leak or sinking incident. This is a condition of your policy. Report the incident
to our claims department.
Do not admit liability. Take the name and contact details of the Third Party and of any witnesses involved. If possible
take photographs of the damage sustained to both parties’ boats. Report the incident to our claims department.

You can appoint your own surveyor at your own expense.